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Carmageddon, in Sydney!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by aste9974, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    So I was crossing a street, at a normal pace, there was a guy in a pickup kinda truck, bigger than a ute, diesel or something.

    So the guy is more than far away for me to complete my crossing at a normal pace, but I glance at him, constantly, as I always expect any driver, cage or bike, to do the worst thing possible and prepare myself accordingly.

    So I start off from the road and look, it seems like he is accelerating, I figure he is just being a smart ass and closing the gap between the end of my crossing.

    I take a few more steps and look, he is definitely accelerating hard now, I figure he may not have seen me or will swerve or something or rather.

    I look now and realise he has been WOT the whole time, his engine is labouring, and seems like he is flying at me. He gets close enough to me that if I don't start running it will be impossible to avoid him. So I start running, and even at the sight of me running he doesn't let off the throttle. I end up sprinting to the other side of the road, very narrowly missing him as he screams past, and I look at him flying. He is still WOT flying down the street straight through a marked crossing and then jams on his brakes and tailgates the crap out of the poor driver in front of him, revving the crap out of his truck.

    All I can say is, what?

  2. At least you're still around to say anything.
  3. Must be in the whether, was crossing the street on bicycles yesterday with the misses on Anzac perade and a guy in a souped up grey thing came around the corner from Dacey Ave and guns it towards my misses. Missed her by a meter or so.
  4. really? surely all fans of cars/bikes know this acronym.
  5. if you were on your kymco you would've been done for.
  6. Wide open throttle. But it makes no sense when referring to a car.
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  7. Sydney, where cars don't slow down for pedestrians, they accelerate.

    I too, and i'm sure many here, have been a receiver of this. My line of work takes me overseas and if not, then it brings overseas people here to Sydney. I've had many a foreigner tell me similar stories how it seems cars don't slow down for people crossing a street.