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Carlton Draught done it again

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. And this is why Carlton Draught, as mediocre as it is to drink (but whole dimensions better than New), is an epic beer. This one is going viral, right now.

  2. Dickheads left the cash behind for 4 glasses of sheep dip
  3. Nothing further needs to, or can be, said =D>
  4. I think that's the point.
  5. I don't know why they waste so much money on advertising when they could be putting it to better use developing a beer that's actually drinkable.
  6. Probably because there are many people less picky than you.
  7. In that case maybe they need a new slogan.

    Carlton Draught - the beer for those stupid enough to make purchases based purely on fancy advertising.
  8. Here we go
    Another 'the beer I drink is better than the beer you drink' thread
  9. I totally agree that carlton draught is woeful.
    That said, ill drink it if the only other choice were VB.

    Theres actually only one carlton beer i like, and its impossible to get up here - and right hard to get back in newcastle. Carlton black.

    Truth be told all your beers suck and mine is better (to quote Mick). Mainly because i make it myself and its awesome :p.
  10. I've posted it before, but I'll post it again. These are the beers people should be drinking, or at the very least trying occasionally to see what they're missing out on:

    Edit: Oh and I'm not saying people should only drink expensive imported beers. But the country would be a far better place if instead of getting shitfaced on cheap mass-produced beer people enjoyed a few boutique beers instead (and supported some of the small Australian breweries).
  11. Right'o lads..........

    Looks like this beer drinking debacle needs to be rectified sharpish......

    If you want to go all out - then this is the Weapon required.

    Pun more than absolutely intended........

    As you were.
  12. That add is brilliant.
  13. I got quoted !
    So you win.... But I need to try your beer sometime haha
  14. Actually:

    :popcorn: + :popcorn: = 2 :popcorn:

    The maths teacher in me had to correct that one.
  15. Same thing.........although I see your point.....

    :popcorn: + :popcorn: = 2 :popcorn:

    should actually be expressed (in the least)

    :popcorn: + :popcorn: = 2 ( :popcorn: )
  16. I would also accept 2.dot.popcorn.........

    not cross.dot though - that's going too far
  17. You're both wrong.
    :popcorn: + :popcorn: = [​IMG]
  18. Smart ass :D