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Carl Williams

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CFVFR, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Ok maybe a touchy subject?

    Did a search on the name and there is nothing recent....sooo...

    Seems someone got a wee bit upset we're paying for his kids education and decided to 'erase' him?

    Cannot wait for his ex missus to sell her story.

    Over to you

  2. Won't selling her story count as proceeds of crime?
  3. Who cares?
    By discussing him it legitimises him
    He doesn't deserve to be legitimate or relevant.
  4. A fat murderer became a fat dead murderer. The end.
  5. From my understanding he couldn't even do his own murdering, he paid others to do it for him? Coward murderer?
  6. Is it ironic he was a little bit overweight and was beaten to death with a piece of an exercise bike???
  7. Looks like he was right to fear exercise :p
  8. Nooo the only Carl free media source has now been infected.](*,)
  9. Yeah lets talk about Lara Bingle :grin: ...that all stopped suddenly.
  10. Or maybe... lets go further back... O.J Simpson anyone?
  11. So who did murder JFK?
  12. the man on the grassy knoll.... so who killed Adolf?
  13. Himself.

    Did they really land on the moon?
  14. wonder how much money will be wasted in trying to improve make jail safer ](*,)
  15. This whole saga continues the sorry Australian tradition of being obsessed with ciriminals and the useless of society while ignoring the noble and valued.
  16. i am curious who do you think is noble and valued? :-k
  17. And on that subject... curious, isn't it, that this happens just when there are rumours that CW has decided to talk to investigators in return for a deal. So who do you reckon has got something to lose?:?
    Kinda funny the way security fails just at this point in time.
  18. They said he was going to testify against corrupt coppers and now this happened.
  19. Me :D:cheeky::cool:
  20. See, I was trying to skirt carefully around it because I don't want to end up like Carl.. and you just blurt it out!