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Caringbah Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Drew, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. 10/10

    Sourced a replacement brake and clutch lever for the SPADA from these chaps.

    A1 service deespite some mix ups with addresses. Would reccomend these guys in a flash.

    Thanks Steve! \:D/
  2. I tried to get them to import a bike a few years ago and they gave me a bit of a runaround. They took a sizable deposit and didn't communicate with me.

    When I'd ring up they kept say, "we are filling the container next week" or similar. For 3 months.

    They gave my deposit back on demand, however (though as a check and not the cash I'd given them).

    so not super negative experience but not positive on either.
  3. I want to give Steve and the guys from the Caringbah Motorcycles workshop a wrap. As has been mentioned here a lot previously Steve's meant to be a bit of a wizz with Spadas, but I just wanted to add that I find him a pretty decent bloke who seems genuinely interested in helping me out even when theres some parts supply issues beyond his control.

    Last Sat morning I arranged at no notice to take my bike in to get a replacement part fitted that we had been waiting 2-3 weeks for. Should only take an hour. Well turns out although the computer says its was that part, it didnt fix the problem.

    The fellas went above and beyond in my opinion, working well past their closing time and even pulling a new bike off the showroom floor for a few parts, trying different things to they found the problem.

    They apologised for the long wait, which of course I didnt mind as I could see how hard they were working on trying to solve my problem.

    They got me back on the road with the bike running great, without it being locked up in the workshop for days, or waiting on parts for more weeks.

    2 thumbs up from me!
  4. Yeh, I dont have anything particularly terrible to say about them either.
  5. They get a thumbs down from me - I booked my Spud in for a major service a few months ago, to adjust the valve clearances etc, and asked them to put a new chain on while they were at it, since I was feeling lazy.

    I go to pick it up after a few days as arranged, and lo and behold, the original chain is still on. I ask the dumbass apprentice (aren't they all?) what happened, and the response was "oh, we don't have any at the moment". Great, thanks for telling me that earlier. So once Steve gets in, he says to drop in on Saturday (this was a Tuesday), as they'll have the new chains in by then, and they'd fit it for me on the spot. I left my name and number again, clearly asking them to call me if anything went wrong, as they're a good 45 minutes ride each way from my house.

    Come Saturday, I rock up, having heard nothing, and stupidly assume that everything is good to go. But no. No chains, and STILL no phone call beforehand letting me know. I wasted hours of my time and petrol to give them a second chance, and they screwed me around.

    I then went straight to MCAS, bought a chain (which they had several in stock) for about 2/3 the price they were going to charge me, and fitted it myself.

    Don't know whether it was laziness or incompetence on their part, but either way I'm not going back.
  6. I was there many times when I was down south - the sales guys aren't the best, but always got excellent service... from the service guys. They did heaps of stuff for free, incl fitting a new rego label holder ($5 normally), tightened the chain and lubed it and replaced the blinker all FOR FREE.

    28 thumbs up from me!
  7. Oh, and I'm not a scab. They did a service for me and other stuff I did pay for too. And I did offer money for the other stuff, but he wouldn't accept it.
  8. I brought my Spada from there back in Aug 2006. I had both good and bad experiences from them. They did an excellent job with my rear suspension. They did a very bad job with my fuel tank leak. They did a great job installing a VTR250 Staintune Exhaust onto my Spada and they did it with free labour when I brought my bike.

    I had two services with them before I decided to go to another bike mechanic more local.

    I like Steve and his mechanics. There seem to be a turn over of staff. The sales bloke who orginally sold me the Spada gave me poor service. He was gone not long after I brought my bike.

    When it comes to parts, I think Carringah Motorcycles will do a good job. They did build their reputation on importing Spadas and selling them. They should have most Spada parts.
  9. there was also a girl who worked in store who moved to accessories in SCM Kogarah.

    they still do but I don't think it is in the same capacity. he had two in the workshop getting prep'ed for sale a few months ago. I think he only imports upon order now.