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CAring for your leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wallyt99, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Any tips on caring for leather?

    My leather jacket is getting a bit tatty and needs some rejuvination.

  2. There are many products on the market. You need some decent leather conditioner. I use 'Oakwood' leather conditioning cream. It comes in a tub and you apply it with a sponge. You only need a little bit at a time. It does leave your leather greasy for a little while. I've found that it works really well in protecting and conditioning my leather jackets.
  3. I found something thats meant for our couch worked ok on my gloves, but Im sure theres better :grin:
  4. Use Dubbin...just ask robsalvv and jd... :grin:

  5. I use meguires leather shampoo/conditioner, bought it for the car, now use it for everything
  6. Cheeky!!!!

    Treat any advice that dubbin rots stitching with great suspiscion - that might have had some scarec of truth in home made poorly controlled brews from the mid dark ages... I've never seen any anecdotal evidence that modern preparations (that include some extra ingredients) have ANY concerns.

    There are some good leather conditioning products around in addition to dubbin. Renapur is one.

    Dust off any loose dirt/bug guts. Then use lightly soaped water and a lightly damp rag to clean off gunk/bug guts/dirt. Let the leather dry, then rub in product of choice per manufacturer instructions.
  7. Be wary of Eagle 1 leather cleaner/conditioner.
    It made the coloured leather inserts on my jacket permanently soft and sticky.
    It didn't affect the black leather at all (which is where I tested it, DOH!!), only the coloured bits.
    ALWAYS check a few spots before committing the entire jacket to treatment, unlike me.
  8. Not only will I back up what Robsalvv has mentioned about Dubbin, but I will go one step further and say, that the old wives tale that consistantly keeps getting spread about Dubbin, is exactly that - An Old Wives Tale.

    That was the case when stitching was made from cotton.
    You will not find many leather goods at all anymore using cotton stitching. They now use bonded nylon.
    The reasoning behind the stitching rotting was that Dubbin trapped moisture in the cotton stitching.
    Nylon stitching is not pourous so the water does not get in.

    Dubbin is a fantastic product and a fraction of the cost of other leather conditioners.

    But if you want to save even more money, try vegetable oil. It does work!!
    Just brush it on, leave it in the sun to soak into the leather and then wipe off the excess. Simple and cheap.
  9. I did some research on this and it was suggested that you don't use anything on your jacket you wouldn't use on your hands. Moisturiser was suggested. I tried it... made the jacket nice and soft and restored some of the dried out colour... but I'm thinking i could so better.

    If your too lasy to actually go buy something, I'd give moisturiser a go, just test it first, and keep away from the smelly stuff.
  10. Sorry Rob, couldn't resist :LOL:

    And for what it's worth, I'm also a Dubbin fan. I've been using it on the same leather jacket I've been wearing on bikes for 20 years now and its kept it in great condition.
  11. Lexol Leather Cleaner and Lexol Leather Conditioner... highly recommended by a top detailer for car seat leather, gave it a go on the AS jacket and it works beautifully, boots as well, and then i extended it to the leather couch and dining suite :grin:

    Just make sure whatever you use you test on a section that doesn't matter first to make sure the colour won't run.
  12. +1 on the Meguires leather conditioner - been using it for a while.
  13. SnoSeal. Conditions and waterproofs your leathers. Been using it for 14 years.

    Available from our store in a small tube that will last for ages.
  14. SnoSeal is the dog's! I have used it on my boots for 20 odd years and it is great. For cleaning my leather jacket I use menairs leather couch cleaner, works great! :cool: