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Caring for leather

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tarsh, May 8, 2007.

  1. guys

    got some leather gear lately.

    whats the best way to care for leather? unfortunately it has been caught out in the rain once too. are there any recommended products?

    any advice is appreciated.

    thank you


  2. Try any saddlery for "dubbin" or (don't where I got it from) "Snowseal". I have used both on jacket, pants and gloves. Jacket is now 25 year old and still working well. Keeps near waterproof too.
  3. SnoSeal from Rays outdoor or any other camping shop ;)
    That stuff is awesome ;)
  4. I asked a similiar question about 3 weeks ago and I've gotta reccomend 'Mothers' leather care. You'll find it at supa cheap auto or the such for $20.
    Fantastic stuff and smells nice :grin:
  5. a guy at peter steven recommended me scotch gard which i am using now. any opinion on that?
  6. TYhis is the ducks nuts, best stuff EVER!.
  7. What they all said. :WStupid:

    Id check the scotchguard though, leather needs to breath I dont know how it would affect that.
  8. thanks people

    i'll try snow seal for now.
  9. Don't know about the water proofing stuff mentioned but about the best stuff you can get for cleaning and conditioning leather is Lexol leather products. Should be done at least twice a year.... can also use it on your car seats, lounge suite etc.
  10. Waterproofing your leather will make it hotter in summer as u clog up its pores, conditioning leather is a better option and will keep it soft and supple, I use the H-D leather care it’s the absolute bomb.
    That Lexol stuff is good also, its made primarily to use on prestige car leather upholstery, Ages back i bought a lot of that from the Australian distributor, he is somewhere in Tullamarine, this guy has the most blinged out and eye blinding R1 i have ever seen.
  11. anything wrong with using other leather conditioners such as Meguiars (used for leather in the car) .. or just the normal conditioners for leather couches etc?
  12. Leathers is still leathers.
    Cant see why couldnt, 'mothers' product is made for most leather products. Just have to make sure you dont get one that stops the fabric from breathing. You could also make sure that the conditioner doesnt discoulor your precious leathers :grin:
  13. i use the dainese kit on my alpinestars jacket cost around $30 from bikebiz so far so good
  14. My Dainese Santa Monica perforated jacket gets good conditioning as the last thing I want is for cracking around the perforations. Leather merchants will always advise you to condition the leather to keep it excellent condition. I then use a waterproof leather spray (Warproo I think). The spray was recommended by the leather merchant.

    I also have Snoseal I am not inclined on putting something on a jacket (on hiking boots but not leather jackets). This is just my preference.