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Cargo Zip-Off kevlar pants

Discussion in 'Pants' at netrider.net.au started by leegil1, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. Here I will look at an Australian company that is producing some nice Kevlar-lined range of clothing. I purchased a pair of their newly released cargo zip-off Kevlar pants in grey colour. Sadly they were reducing their stock of grey cargo zip-off pants and no longer would be producing them in that colour. They offered me the black colour instead –I accepted (black colour not yet released). Black Armour is not one of the big brand names but with good solid Kevlar coverage at a good price, it is hard to pass up. I thought I’d do a review as there has not been too many reviews on Black Armour Australia products.

    I initially thought I had to shorten the pants due to their length. This was a rookie mistake as I had failed to properly wear the pants with the hip and knee protection in place, and factoring for the leg bend. I ended up having my tailor shorten it a tad too much. Black Armour Australia were kind enough to send me a test women’s cargo pant of the same colour that I could cut up and then re-lengthen my pants (I just paid for the shipping). Now that is fantastic service! They were willing to help if they could and did not just palm me off. The communication and service from Black Armour cannot be beat!

    I was willing to give them a go. Zip-offs would give me flexibility. It depends which climate you live in and how hot it gets for you when choosing between pants and cargos.

    The cargos are good quality and build. If you can get one of their grey coloured cargos/zip-offs, then do so before they run out for good. The grey looks fantastic, sadly no longer available in my size.

    1-The front hip pockets lack depth as they are for motorcycles (you don’t put stuff in them as they get in the way of the hips when sitting on a bike).

    2-The rivets are nice and flat.

    3-The cargo pockets are just the correct size and can bellow out to carry more stuff if you want. Cargo pockets are very easy to access with Velcro closures.

    4-Rear pockets are standard size.

    5-There are two internal pockets to insert the hip protection.

    6-The hip CE pad has a cut-out to assist with bending when seated on a bike. P_20151127_172128.

    7-The knee pad pockets reside under the zip-off zipper and the pads are inserted from bottom-up into the pocket. Pocket closes with Velcro.

    8-The knee CE pad is nicely shaped to fit my knee perfectly.

    9-The cargo cotton is nice and thick and should last well.

    10-The most important thing is the Kevlar and it provides the coverage that I wanted.

    11-Fit – the pants are true to size.

    I had a very good experience with Black Armour and their zip-off pants are really comfortable, look great, have the appropriate level of safety built in, and, quick shipping, fast communication response and top level service from this Australian company. Go check out the Black Armour Australia website for full details of their range.
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