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Cargo Nets ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VladTepes, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I already have a givi box for the back of the bike, but let’s say I wanted to fill that with, oh I don’t know, ice ;)

    I’d need to carry the rest of my gear strapped to the pillion seat.

    I gather there are suitable “nets” available for this purpose.

    Can anyone recommend a good one, where to get it, and how much I would expect to pay?

    I’m in Brissie.

  2. I always just use a generic one from the local bikeshop. It cost about a tenner. Works great.

    It has those dangerous hooks, what I do is put my helmet on and put down my visor so if the hook comes off it doesn't hit me in the eye.
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  3. eGay.
    go for an Aus seller, faster delivery
    and plastic hooks. they can be removed and changed around.
    they are brilliant thingies. so convenient and flexible in use. anything from a drink bottle to a live chicken. just wind bungees around heavier items tighter where applicable
  4. I would avoid cargo/bungee nets.

    I used a ebay cargo net and it lost its stretch pretty quick. I had some bottles on the back in a bag and it rolled off leaving the carpark. Maybe I didn't tie it down hard enough, it was only 6 litres in total.

    I saw something called Andy Stapz and they look much more secure.
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  5. 6 litres was probably a stretch, pun intended.
    but i get 3 kilo bags of dog food in there, takeaway food, stuff like that.
    i've even got chinese food with a bowl of hot lemon sauce home without spilling a drop.
    probably more due to awesome skill.
  6. I've got one of these.
    Prompt delivery.
  7. Andy straps are good but they are dear. You can leave a bungee net on the back of the bike and if someone steals it doesn't matter. Mine lasts for a couple of years. You need to use a bag for most things though.
  8. Does anyone know i Andy Strapz sells through retail outlets ro only direct.
    Looking to get best price I can, of course.
  9. You can get Andy strapz in stores and online.