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Careful what you carry on the bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Teen choked to death in motorcycle accident

    February 06, 2009 02:48pm
    A TEENAGE boy has been choked to death in a motorcycle accident on the New South Wales Central Coast, police say.

    A passerby raised the alarm about 11.30am (AEDT) when he found the 17-year-old boy lying dead on a fire trail off Katara Road, at Warnervale.

    Investigators believe a rope he was carrying across his shoulder became caught in the motorcycle chain and tightened around his neck, choking him to death.

    Police will release their findings into the teenager's death in a report to the NSW Coroner.

    Original article

    It made me think - I've done exactly the same thing before on a dirt bike and carried about 20 metres of rope coiled over my shoulder. Admittedly I made sure it was secure.


  2. Incoming thread deletion...
  3. It shouldn't be deleted. We can all learn from this. Scarves get caught in chains, choking people. Doesn't have to be rope.

    A motorcycle is not a Ute.
  4. Geez, talk about bad luck.. Why a rope?? Maybe he was planning on hanging himself in the forest but the bike did it for him?

    Interesting and unfortunate for such a young life.
  5. I witnessed an incident at a rally, a few years ago, when a bloke was hooning around on a dirt bike (like everyone else) whilst wearing a big old army greatcoat. Quite how it happened I didn't see, but the tails of the coat got wound into his chain, locking the back wheel (fortunately at fairly low speed) and pulling him backwards into a really painful looking banana shape and pinning him to the bike. his mates spent ages trying to peel him out of the coat and off the bike, before someone saw sense and got a knife out to cut him free. He looked to be in quite a bad way as he staggered away.
  6. Far be it from me to question the mods, but my primary interest in accident reports is what I can learn from it! I understand that it's perhaps inappropriate to discuss someone's unfortunate accident hence the reason for the forum rules, but unfortunately we miss out on the 'lesson's learnt' step.

    Most industrial sites and workplaces have safety practices many of which include posting of notices of accidents and near misses in the workplace with the intent to educate employees and contractors to prevent re-occurances. Maybe a sub-forum with generic accident reports (no names places etc) should be created instead?
  7. Thanks for the feedback but at this stage there is no plans to allow "rider down threads" that people were not a party to.
  8. Does this mean I shouldn't carry a BBQ?
    The gas hose could could get caught up I suppose but I need it to stop the gas bottle coming loose.
  9. what... no wheelie?
  10. Nope not this time as it is unusual, non speculative and educational, ANY speculation will be deleted.
  11. My grandfather was, half century ago, riding along on an mc with a scarf on and it got caught in the rear wheel, causing an accident. The only serious injury was a broken arm.

    The main thing I worry about when riding along (as I not infrequently do) with stuff hanging off me, for instance coiled around me, is the anti-chiropractic effects of a single vertabra taking the very localised force of something under my back. Or it catching on the bike as we tumble along, pulling at for instance my neck in nasty ways at nasty angles. This article is good, not because we should stop doing such things, but because it reminds one to take into account the potential dangers when piling oneself up.
  12. I heard of a bloke who was carrying his skydiving rig to the drop zone on his back.

    He was doing about 120km/hr when the deployment chute of his main...... deployed and he wound up sitting on his arse in the middle of the road watching his bike carry on down the highway without him......

  13. That'd be one hell of a high speed landing.

    Though with a ventura bag you can carry almost anything (including a metre and a half of threaded dowell at a 45 degree angle...)

    (Just needed to make sure I left enough room lanesplitting) :grin:
  14. poor bloke.

    got my shoe lace caught in the foot peg once i couldnt put my foot down or change gears. i was lucky the situation was ok and i didnt panic too much and pulled over and untangled myself. lesson learned.
  15. IMG_3406.JPG

    There seemed to be a lot more apologetic cagers around with that on the bike...

    I'd rather have something on the bike than on me, which is one of the reasons i don't ride around with a backpack.
  16. When I was a teenage boy, one of our horses had a habit of jumping the fence to chase the sheep in the next paddock. As the other end of that paddock was at least 7km from the house I would take my trailbike to catch the horse. On my person I'd carry a bridle and rope. I'd catch him with the rope, put the bridle on and ride back, leaving the motorbike to collect from the padock at a more convenient time (knowing it wouldn't run any further away). There are many reasons a teenager in the country might be riding a motorbike with a length of rope on his shoulder, for all we know he might have been planning to build a rope swing at a nearby river or running an errand.
  17. Wot Vic said...

    It's not about the accident or speculating about the accident. It's about a specific safety issue which is exemplified by what's happened to this poor bloke.

    I think also that there's a place for the unusual in crash posts and really -it's down to the mods common sense as to what to allow.

    I posted this because it was unusual and it had a specific personal resonance.
  18. I saw a guy carrying his tools, and a saw occyd on the back of his bike. A Hand Timber saw! I thought that was risky.

    Then again, I carry my knives in a kevlar Knife roll. I am assured the knives should be fine if I came off.
  19. I'm another one. Had a backpack with a towel in it, bag came undone and the towel flapped around and got caught in the chain. Locked up the wheel at speed. All good, but worth a thought.

    Remember people, it's not just tradies that have unsecured loads, bikes are the worst for it!!!