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Careful out there, there are morons like this on the roads

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Whilst they are picking on riders who meet up to go for a ride from a servo, more of these monkeys are on the road.
    I see them daily :shock:

  2. only 1 year? id give him 5
  3. the cynic in me says every year this d**k head is off the roads, the less fines the government can make so they don't want him off tooo long.

  4. And not all the morons are on 4 wheels, as the wash-up from this incident in September shows.


    Yesterday it was announced that two of the three motorcyclists involved will be charged with a large number of serious offences as a result of this incident including two to be charged with negligent driving occasioning death.

    Let he who is without sin, eh?
  5. I know the guy died, so no disrespect intended and I also understand that you can’t exactly fine someone who has died but how can everyone be saying how bad the motorcyclist’s are for speeding but no one is mentioning the guy in the ute going in front of them. I’m assuming that this topic was probably discussed in September but I didn’t see the thread if it was. If they where flying at 150km/h popping mono’s like its stated in the report, I would think that they would be higly visible as well as really loud, so that’s 2 senses that should of picked them up and alerted him to the danger.

    I’m not saying that speeding is good and fine but I reckon that worse then speeding is the elderly who do not have their senses at what they used to be but are still allowed to drive (I'm not saying all old people can't drive/ride). This has been proven several times with the 2 accidents that involved Sophie Delezio, or the one that happened in Penrith, just to name a few.

    I do understand your point though.
  6. In the article you posted the rider died after a car pulled out in front. In Vic's article the young lad was pissed, on the phone and was far from aware of his surroundings. Potentially i'd say the P plate driver was more of a threat to other road users than the bikers were.
  7. hmm? read the article again mate.
  8. Here we go again. Same old NR problem. Excuse the rider for being an idiot and blame the car driver. You guys need a reality check. If you do 150 on the road there's no way ANYONE can get out of the way quickly enough, so stop shifting the responsibility to the poor car driver.

    And, had the bikes been doing the speed limit, the ute that pulled out would have had plenty of time to complete the manouver in safety.

  9. Your at an intersection,you look right and in the distance you see a bike,its imposable to estimate the speed of the bike with one look but with experience you think at that distance and IF the bike is doing a reasonable speed you have plenty of time to pull out,at triple the expected speed guess
    what happens next.Nobody makes such allowances in there driving,most expect you to be doing resonably close to the limit and thats worth thinking about on vehicles that have huge accelerating ability's.Pick you place for giving it a bit
  10. Not once did I say that it was fine that they were speeding or that anyone should. But, if I understand what you’re saying correctly, it’s ok not to use common sense on the road providing that you stay within the law.

    As you stated “had the bikes been doing the speed limit, the ute that pulled out would have had plenty of time to complete the manouver in safety”. They weren’t doing the speed limit, which means the driver did not have sufficient time to complete the turn, which leads me to the conclusion that he did not wait at the intersection long enough to see if he was able to complete the turn safely, which leads me to put SOME of the blame on his part.

  11. Article also states the driver was elderly so reflexes etc are not what they used to be, all the more reason not to fang it in built up areas.
  12. If you stop at an intersection and watch the vehicles coming for a few seconds you can get a very good idea of what speed they are doing and if you can make it or not, and if you are unsure if you can make it or not then it’s safer to assume that you can’t. It’s the people that stop at an intersection and look for a total of 0.05seconds to deem if the distance is enough for them to make it and assume that you are doing the speed limit and just pop out in front because their logic is that if you hit them up the arse it’s your fault. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that its right.
  13. Maybe you should apply for a job in the coppers,they also can look at a vehicle head on and estimate its speed,it might be possible side on but head on,thats why when i do a head check I go twice,and even then with two images over time its still hard to estimate closing distances without taking your eyes off where your going.My point is everyone expects what there looking for is reasonable closing speeds and make that allowance,changing that mental equation in others by tripling your speed and in built up areas your flying in other people blind spots,you wont make old bones.
  14. Ok, maybe I should rephrase it. When you are turning right off a street you observe the ONCOMING traffic and judge the time it will take before they reach you, and if you think that you have enough time to make the turn you do it. Samething when turning left onto a street. You watch the traffic and estimate the time before they reach you. That's why when you are going for your license they don't tell you to travel x amount of kms behind a car, they say stay about 5 seconds (dependant on conditions). 150km/h is approx 41m per second. So in 5 seconds they would of travelled 205m. Are you telling me that if you are watching a vehicle coming at you head on and after 5 seconds they are 200m closer to you that you can't work out not to go infront of them.

    I'm in no way supporting speeding, and definetely not in built up areas. I'm just saying that there should be more emphasis on observing before reacting.
  15. David, its not 5 seconds, its 2 seconds.

    Remember .. "One thousand and one, one thousand and two..."?
  16. In NSW they say 3-5 seconds IIRC, either way, irrelevant to the point though.
  17. No... the bikes hit the drivers side door. That means they were practically THERE when he pulled out. Had they been doing 100, the rider would probably still be alive, and still cursing the ute driver for cutting him off.
  18. Sorry, but the physics contradict you. Again, you're looking for an excuse for the riders' stupidity by blaming a poor old bloke in a car who was doing nothing wrong and paid for it with his life because the bike riders were being morons.

    See my comment above about accepting responsibility. It's in VERY short supply around here.
  19. My bad, I re-read the article. Cheers Lilley!

    No excuse for bad behaviour...