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Careflight motorcycle Cruise 06.....best roads ever IMHO

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by student of insanity, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Hi all

    This is my first diary in this group and since it was a member of this group that told me about the ride and then piked out :grin: I thought it appropriate that she see what she missed out on.......(next time Lou)

    I only wish I had stopped to take pics of the awesome roads to make anyone who wasnt lucky enough to be on their bike this weekend green with envy.....

    Started off at the Westmead base with an estimated 100 bikes (70 odd bikes up on last year and only the 2nd year of the event!)

    We got a great bacon and egg roll for breakie and a tour of the hanger, a fly by of the chopper and a chance to drool over some amazing bikes!
    (Check out the immaculate Rocket oh and the gutsy little Kwaka 2fiddy :LOL: )



    For the start we were grouped into lots of 20 or so bikes, but by Richmond most of the groups were separated by traffic, so I stuck myself behind a BMW that seemd to be going at my pace (no jokes here about slow BMW riders please :p ) and followed him all the way to Lithgow, the whole way over the mountains we only saw about 6 other bikes! not sure where the rest of them got to? but on arrival in Lithgow we dicovered a lot of them already there.......giving the poor bored locals something to talk about I am sure!

    After fueling up the ever efficient Cartman (no not on weight gain 2000) I led the way for a few riders to the Tarana hotel....(since it is my old stomping ground and most of them didnt have a clue which way to go). In fact many riders took the wrong turn at the highway and several more took wrong turns along the back route, but thankfully everyone made it to Orange one way or the other.

    A very tasty hamburger and chips were supplied to most of us at Tarana pub (some waited 2 hours and finally gave up as the rest of the group pulled out for Orange). There were apparently only 3 frantic kitchen staff trying to feed around 130 hungry bikers.......but the food was awesome when it did arrive. Only one bike had to be trailered home at this point (courtesy of NRMA) for a breakdown, and as far as I am aware there was no need to call in the chopper for anyone on this ride.....wooo hooo!


    I had the best time on those back roads through Tarana and all the way via Blayney, to Orange.......in fact I was having so much fun I didnt want to pull over long enough to take pics of the fantastic countryside and miles and miles of long .....winding.....newly sealed.......not a car, copper or speed camera in sight.......country roads! All though I did get a forced photo opp on the way home as we came accross a road block (cows not pigs)

    Every little country town we came accross had a sea of bikes parked in front of the local and a sea of leather clad bodies lounging around on the steps.......


    A wicked cross wind that felt like it was coming off snow kept Cartman and I on our toes for most of the trip but I still managed to arrive in Orange with the biggest shit eating grin ever! I just love riding!!!!!

    Saturday was topped off with a great baked dinner.......free grog (courtesy of Yamaha)....an awesome show by the Yamaha freestyle team, and a courtesy bus back into town for more drinks (these ones not free :( ) and a good local band in the pub!

    Today saw me hook up with more new friends for the ride home back through the greatest roads I have ever ridden and of course the obligatory lap or two of The Mountain and perusal of tributes to it's king.....then finally home.


    Awesome weekend...........Awesome People......Awesome cause..........Awesome hot bath when I got home........and the new me is now reminiscing *sigh*
    and of course thinking about the next ride!
  2. GOOD ONE!!! Thanks Lindy for the write u, just rub it in why don't you :twisted: Sound like a great ride and a good night. Next year for sure. Those string will be cut :LOL: (you know what I mean). Only joking hubby. :grin: :grin: .

    Cheers Lou
  3. hey Lindy !

    Nice Cans !


    :LOL: :p
    . . . no its not a pick up line !
  4. I knew that!!!
  5. Great write up and pics SOI

    Thanks for sharing :cool:
  6. Enjoyed the writeup and the Kwaka brought back some memories, great bike, do the cans make much difference performance wise?
  7. I found the bike to be much more responsive, no more dead spots when I take off at the lights and definately a bit more grunt on the hills.....then I decided to not fuel up again until I hit reserve just to see how far he could go....so far on a 14 L tank I have clocked up 385k's and still not run out!!!! 350ks of that were from Orange back over the mountains and the rest is city riding.
    The most I have ever been game to stretch it to was 340ks but I have never taken it to reserve before, so not sure if this is an improvement or not :? still its good to know.......

    One thing I did work out on the way home though was that 350 was about 50ks too much for me to do comfortably in one day....even with the sheepskin my butt was sore :( so when I plan my trip I will be planning for 250 - 300ks a day max!
  8. Great ride reoprt and pics, Lindy, you can almost feel the cold wind and smell the cow manure :LOL:

    Love the pic over the hill at Bathurst, I reckon that wall will have autographs on its autographs soon.....
  9. I love that pic too, it has captured some of the absolutlely amazing view the mountain offers...

    It is incredible the amount of sentiments that have been written on those walls, on both sides of the track....I hope they find a way to presevre them somehow!
  10. BTW

    421ks to reserve!!!! WOO HOOO