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Career in I.T or Panelbeating/Spraying or Chef

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by squidman, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hey just a question ive been thinking about lately since i left my old apprenticeship

    - Should i go to tafe for 1 year (6 months each certificate) studying I.T Networking then get a job at help desk and work my way up

    - I got offered an apprenticeship as a chef from my dads mate, he told me its great pay but you will be working on weekends and weekdays, shit hours and social life will suffer

    - Or go for an apprenticeship in panel beating? I remember doing some body work on my old cibby and i enjoyed it abit

    whats your opinions? btw im 19
  2. Why did you leave your last apprenticeship? Could those reasons stop you from completing another one?

    Chef's hours suck bigtime. I mate of mine just got out out the game after 20 years and never wants to go back.
  3. I left my old apprenticship was a pretty dumb reason I left because there was to much maths involved (Fitter and turner), yeah i guess chef is a big no-no ... i still want a social life lol
  4. Unless you have a fair amount of passion for cars, don't get into the game.
    It's extremly difficult to find apprentices' worth investing in as most know everything and I have discovered gen 'Y' are called that for a reason...
  5. So we can assume maths is not your strong point?

    What sort of things are you good at or interested in?
  6. You could say the same for being a chef ..... unless you have a passion for food, don't get into the game.
  7. If you want a easy job where you pretty much can do whatever you want all day including farting around on NR, playing computer games and watching movies then help desk at a school is where you want to be.
  8. I love cars, but I just wont put anymore money on them, I've owned a Toyota Celica, Lancer GLI, Nissan NX, Honda Integra from the time i wsa 17 to 19 lol

    I had a passion for cooking aswell awhile ago but that died out after i left school
  9. It doesn't sound like you really want to do any of these jobs.

    You'd be better off pulling beers, or packing shelves for a year, less commitment, much better pay, than doing half the training for one of these jobs and deciding you hate it. In the mean time, do some work experience, talk to people in the industry, whatever you need to decide what you'd actually like to do. Wasting time doing training you end up never using, is crap.
  10. Thats true, but I cant picture myself doing that fr the rest of my life..I wana do something meaningful with my life like a proper career
  11. take out garbage, but never become a chef

    unless you don't want a life, that is.....
  12. If you don't want to work weekends, shit hours, and lose your social life, then an IT support position is the last place you want to end up. Fine, the help desk will give you regular hours, but as you move up, you'll have to do on call and be expected to pull long hours on a regular basis. And it only gets worse when you end up in an IT management position.
  13. No you cannot be me. Next question!
  14. Just wait for a bit. Save up enough money to get to Europe and bum around there for awhile. Do a bar course and you'll get plenty of work.
  15. After working in IT for 27 years I can tell you its crap. I'm trying to get a mature age apprenticeship as a fitter and turner.
  16. Really? did you enjoy IT when you first went into it?
  17. I've been doing the IT thing for 30 years and the flavour has all gone from the chewy.

    You're expected to work long hours. It support is completely and utterly thankless. The only time people want to talk to you is when their printer doesn't work. They never rung up and say "Great job that the payroll went out this week!" but when it doesn't ...

    The pay is well above average tho.

    I'd still go to Europe and get horribly drunk a lot. You'll come back with a much better idea on what you want to do with your life.
  18. As a few others have already suggested, get a job just to save up enough money and then go travelling for 6-12 months. I agree with DD, you will come back with a much better idea of what you want to do with your life.
  19. There's a few chefs and ex-chefs on NR - you really really don't want to end up like any of them... :)

    Funny thing is that I also know a lot of ex-chefs who now work in IT.
  20. I started in IT, joined the army and ended up Chef-ing.

    I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless it was a passion. Sure most people can do it, but not everyone can enjoy it. And like any job, over time you can get disillusioned no matter how passionate you are.