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Career Change

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbie55, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. I've come to a point that I'm sure many have been where I am sick of what I am doing and am determined to make a new start in the new year.

    My current job in a Gov't dept was only meant to be a short term thing until I got myself together to pursue something else but the sweet trappings have led me to stay here for three years and now I want out.

    Prior to starting here I sold a chain of picture framing business' and a while ago starting toying with the idea of opening a motorcycle accessories and clothing store with imported products produced under my own label. For a number of reasons though I have decided not to go down this path but given that mc's have really become a big part of my life now would like to do something in this area - as a business, not an employee. The other move that I have been playing around with recently is going back to what I know and starting up a another picture framing store.

    Just wanted to see if anyone has taken a bold step into a new industry and been rewarded (or not), or if you've taken what you intially though was a step back and been pleased you did?

    PS feel free to add any suggestions you may have for an mc related business that seems a little undercatered for.
  2. firstly, check out the similar threads below by Roaster and DarkHorse - some great and relevant advice you can't go past.

    every one of my jobs has varied significantly from the other, in particular, my most recent one. my last job was a prestigious job with Lexus in a very corporate environment and lack of natural light, spent all day on the phone and although i loved my JOB, i disliked the people in the office around me, and the office environment.

    i now work a few hours a day, if any, live right next to the beach, look after holiday accommodation and the rest of the time i spend as i please.

    today i got to wait around for the extremely cute telstra guy ;)

    anyways, my point being - i've never been afraid to take the leap. it's always going to be a leap, it's never going to be an easy decision to make... however, it's the best thing i've done, each time i've changed jobs.

    i say go for it, find that passion and go with it. if you're unhappy in your job then get out asap

    hols :)
  3. Good, solid advice from Lowercase.
    I'd have to agree wholeheartedly with choosing a new career/job with which you are passionate with. The many variables, working conditions (constant reduction in conditions of service) etc, that occur daily should still not outweigh your desire to be employed at a particular place.
    I think the worst realisation for anyone is when they refer to their employment as a 'JOB' - the 'fun' & enjoyment thereafter no longer exists. However, having a passion, akin to a much loved hobby and getting PAID to do that is a completely different story !

    I wish you all the best with your new chosen career path robbie55 and here's to many years of prosperous,enjoyable & fulfilled success (y)
  4. oh, i also forgot to mention i now earn about $500 less each week... but when i'm this relaxed, am still saving money, having more fun, not commuting to work and doing something so wonderful... you don't at all care if you earn more or less.
  5. Lowercase, I cannot agree anymore with your sentiments, even based on a lower wage.
    I left Hong Kong as an expat of 8yrs on a MUCH better package to that I'm currently on, and this not even remotely considering the much higher tax (here in Oz) in this equation.
    I now enjoy working, in essence from home-based in Melbourne (though not exactly from home), away from a major company's politics, have around 16-18 days off per month ( I do work hard WHEN I do though, gang!) and enjoy other simple creature comforts such as breathing in fresh air daily, being close to my family and friends, and...riding my bikes :)
    Each to their own, but as I have always believed 'money does not buy happiness', but usually creates additional hurdles in life, in some cases.
    'KISS' is something I used to drill into myself when instructing theory to prospective Air Force cadets : Keep It Simple Stupid. So true !
    A happy life is what WE make of it. :)
  6. Thanks for the replies, I guess its just a question of biting the bullet. Its always that unknown factor against the comfort of what you know (despite the boredom and frustration it may cause).

    I know I'd be enjoying myself more than I am now by going back into framing and would approach it more as a lifestyle business now keeping it to just myself or perhaps just one other but believe I would be even more satisfied if I could work in an industry that really interests me, IE, bikes.

    Your job sounds really good and seems to suit you lowercase but after I sold the stores I had 7 months and found that if I don't have something to occupy my time I fall into some pretty bad and costly habits so having too many spare hours in the day is probably not for me.
  7. i just go for lots of walks on the beach, kayaking, swimming, riding the bike, internet, reading and dvds :D
  8. Changing career paths is a hard decision...more so if you have commitments. I wanted to do a career change, but due to constant bills and a mortgage, I can't leave spontaneously. If I sold the house, I might be able to get away with doing what LC/Nickers is doing...working a more casual job and enjoying life much more. Not saying I am not enjoying life...just things can definitely be improved.
  9. Don't get me wrong I have a mortgage, a 3 month old and my wife's not due to return to work till next July so can appreciate the restaints commitments can place on you but I also know there is never going to be an ideal time to do it. Someones always going to say its too risky, you don't know enough, the markets tough etc - kind of like people trying to talk you out of riding because you are going to die. For sure it would be easier if there was no one else to consider but I think I've made up my mind and now its just a case of working out which way I should go.
  10. Well I am not saying it isn't doable. Many people have done it and have been successful. I guess you can have a geezer of what is out there and wait for your partner to get back into the work force so that there is still some sort of income coming through? Unless you have back up money saved up. All I can say go for it and good luck mate :).
  11. Best advice is to never rely on one form of income.
    And yes follow your heart and passion.
    I am earning half what I do in my other jobs instructing. But I do love it, and I feel I am giving back to something that has given me so much. I can't live on the money it earns me. So I have Aus post contracts as well. And I am an optical fiber splicer. And a chef. And have my cert 4 in workplace training, so I can teach at tafe.
    So work really never becomes droll. Once you get back into the learning and accomplishing something it becomes quite addictive. It really does give you a feeling if self worth of you know what I mean.
  12. Sorry Phongus - just reread my post and probably seemed like I was talking down your comments a bit, but that's not the case I appreciate your point, its a valid one and each need to make their own decision depending on their circumstances. Essentially what I was trying to say is that there may never be an ideal time and so if you can do it now, there may be little point in waiting for this ideal time (apart from actively and realistically planning for that time of course).

    Which leads me to Bretto's comments, yeah two incomes is ideal and although my wife is not working atm she is on maternity leave and holiday leave (gov't employee also) taking half pay. I'll proabably look to take some paid leave from my current position and perhaps some leave without pay so I'll have some money coming in and a job to return to in the event things don't go as well as planned.
  13. I didn't take it in a negative way so all good :D. It is rather hard to express tone through forums. I like your idea and that's what I am planning on doing as well when I decide to take the plunge. All the best :).