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Career change - Air Traffic Control

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gansta, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Not bike related I know, but anyone interested in a career change to Air Traffic Control, my work is currently recruiting. In order to be considered for courses starting mid next year, applications must be received by Dec 4th.

    To be eligible to be considered for training, applicants must be able to satisfy the following mandatory criteria at the time of submitting their application.
    • be a minimum of 18 years of age; and
    • be an Australian Citizen or hold permanent residency status in Australia; and
    • have completed Year 12 with passes in English, Maths and Science [preferably Physics]; or hold a tertiary education qualification; or a Commercial or Private Pilot Licence.

    For further info visit www.airservicesaustralia.com or PM me.

    Those not interested, disregard. Those interested, good luck!
  2. thanks mate,i work @ virginblue so i will ask a mate of mine.
    i would give it a go however i didnt do any science subjects.
  3. mmm... Nah... But can I be the person who holds those colour light torch thingys?????? It could be my (when I'm bored jobs) :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  4. roderz is the man
    hes got the education and is pretty good at launching mechanical objects into the air :LOL:

    or brent (cnstr) , he is also pretty good at sending things down the tarmac :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Whats the pay/hours & job satisfaction like ?
  6. According to the website, pay starts at ~$30k for the first year of training, moves up to around $45k/pa for the first 6 months placement, then up to $61k/pa once you're officially in.

    I'm interested to know the hours, job satisfaction, and likelihood of being stationed somewhere out the back o bourke?
  7. I'm interested as well. One of the guys on OSB posted the same info a couple of months ago....I'm tempted, that's for sure!

    Imagine it now....Miss Scatterbrain herself directing aircraft :shock: ....scary thought, huh!!!!

    :D :D :D
  8. i can see it now

    "ok , now drop it down to second and pull on the bars and lift the front up "

    "comeon an17 your holding things up , christ i can drag you off your that bloody slow"

    and you see a plane docking with lil sitting on the nose giving the pilot a spraying
    "you do what i tell you or i will rip your mirrors off , pr1ck"

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Has Lil got crook guts????

  10. Quick response to a couple of common questions...

    Postings: There are two ATC streams, Tower control or Enroute control. If you apply for a Tower course, you can and will get posted to any of the control towers across Australia. As far as i know you get little choice in where you go and when you go and will get moved a couple of times in the first two/three years or so. Enroute control is done from either Melbourne or Brisbane. So if you want to stay in Melbourne, enroute is the way to go.

    Hours: Shift work. Tower, depends on which tower. Some towers are 24, others are not. The ones that arent generally do 10 hour shifts, with a three days on three off type of cycle. Enroute control is 24 hours. Shift lengths are generally 8 hours long. Shift times are all over the place but are generally 4 days on 2 off. My roster cycle for example is evening shift (1pm-10pm), day shift (9am-3pm), morning (6am-12pm) & nightshift same day (10pm-6am following day), remainder of day off after night shift then two full days off. Cycle repeats. These times etc will vary between the different groups within enroute centres and from tower to tower but this is a rough guide.

    Salary: As per the pdf on the website -
    ATC salary ranges (as at January 2004)
    Airservices Australia Training College : $30 833
    Final Field Training : $46 254
    Upon Initial ATC Rating : $61 671
    Pay goes up in increments every 12 months after that.

    Job Satisfaction: depends on the individual! there is room to move within the company if you are looking at progressing onto team leader or management / administrative type roles or if you are happy you can just do the job and go home again! Its a job that pays quite well considering you dont have to work rediculous amounts of hours and you dont have to take work home. Technology is always changing as is the weather and conditions so day to day things are not always the same. There is progression as far as getting rated on more difficult sectors, movement to other groups/locations after a few years, as well as training/instructing if that sort of thing appeals to you. Im pretty happy where I am!

    Bastards to work for: No more than any other company ive worked for. The usual politics as with most organisations but at the end of the day, you can just do you job and go home and not get invoved. I think the tower guys get stuffed around a lot more than the enroute guys.

    Other comments: Tower is obviously up in a tower, talking to planes on the ground at the airport and those within the immediate vicinity. Enroute for those not familiar is sitting infront of a big computer screen and talking to planes in between the airports. Approach control is also infront of a big computer screen talking to planes around the airports.

    Anyone interested in working on computers would probably be (but not stricktly be) best suited to an enroute job. So those IT guys showing some interest, enroute would be for you.

    Commitment: 5 years to the company (i see this as 5 years job security in a well paying civilian job!). There are ways of getting out of this I believe though. It isnt the military...

    Me: Yes i work for Airservices as an Enroute controller based in Melbourne.

    Overall: Pros - Good job, pays well, room for progression. Annual leave plus sick leave. Also supports activities like SES memebers and defence reserve members with special leave and military leave. Options to lease cars. Cons - Shift work, possibility of moving location a few times (Tower), usually working when netrider functions are on!.

    Sorry for the length! PM me for any more info and I will try my best to answer it! Dont be discouraged if you dont have any aviation background or experience. My course of 10 for example had me with an aviation background, the rest consisted of teachers, accountants straight out of uni, admin, sports medicine... If you are interested, apply! Cant hurt!
  11. thanks for all the info Gansta
  12. Couple more questions from me at this stage - figured I'd ask here so everyone can benefit from the responses :)

    Where is Enroute Control in Melbourne? At Tullamarine? in the CBD?

    How far in advance are shift rosters released?
  13. what are the similarities with the movie 'Pushing Tin'? (Assume that since you are in that field you will have seen this movie).
  14. I actually seriously considered doing this when I saw the ad in the paper recently, but I don't think my maths "brain" would be up to scratch!
  15. Gansta don't make it sound so bland, you forgot to mention:
    - if you are good at computer games apply. ATC is like a big computer game just ask the blippies
    - you have to be able to party hard
    - you get as many sick days as you can handle (all that stress from partying and playing computer games)
    - the road leading down to airservises/control tower Melb is excellent for testing the top speed of your bike on the way to work (even if it does freak the plane spotters)

    @boz Please find me an ATC who can't relate to 'Pushing Tin'. Just like in the movie, ATC's don't sleep with other ATC's partners. (Bwaaaaahaaaaaa)

    Like I said earlier PARTY HARD!!!!!!!!

    Being an ATC is not a job its a lifestyle. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Or the similariities with Flying High? :p

    Heard one bloke speak once about his gig as an ATC, great for female company evidently, all those air hostesses I guess...
  17. Answers: Enroute control in Melbourne is at Tulla airport in a building near the control tower. Rosters are usually published a month and a half or so in advance, but technically your roster wont change unless you take rec leave and start again on a new line.... roster cycle just continues.

    Sugarslayer has detailed some other benefits!... and yep, operations road is great!

    Colette: Just basic maths to pass the tests to get into the job. You can practice for those. Apart from that its still just basic maths that we use, usually just adding or subtracting numbers. Its just a matter using the right numbers!
  18. Thanks for the info Gansta. I think I'll put in an application over the weekend :)
  19. Hows this for "Old topic resurrection" :LOL:

    I have just passed the first stage of testing for a job as an ATC. Is there anybody around who is a current ATC or with current info???
  20. Gansta, I applied for this a few weeks ago, I have an interview on March 18. Is there anything within your power that you could do to help me secure a job? I would really LOVE to do this as a life career!!