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Career Advice

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by spongesam, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Guys,

    i'm in a bit of a jam. :(

    trying to work out a few things.

    currently, i'm at tafe, studying mechatronics engineering (1st year)

    i'm working part time in a call centre/IT support desk.
    i want to quit like nothing else in the world

    i need to find new work
    and i think i want to find full time work, but not sure what...

    what i want to be able to do in life is:

    metal fabrication (welding / machining etc)
    bike mechanic
    drafting / engineering design

    i'm doing heaps of CAD at school at the moment and that's really interesting so that's piece of cake for me

    have mechanical aptitude, and understand things like that very quickly

    i've been considering getting an apprenticeship.... considering fitter/turner,welder, bike mech... but not sure where to start :(

    at the moment, i have mondays and fridays off tafe... i'd be willing to do work exp at a few places on those days...
    or willing to work full time
    but want to persue tafe part time.

    ideally, i want the above listed skills, and have adv. diploma in mechanical or mechatronics engineering

    only problem is... i can't be unemployed... i need work

    really after someone to help out with some advice, assistance n stuff
    that'd be much appreciated :)

    pm's or replyies are good :)

  2. The only advice is what I think you already know .... hard work and speaking to lots of people, reveal to you a job it will.
  3. What Yoda said above!
    Seriously, try and get around to a few places that do what you want to do and ask them if you can work there for a day or few (maybe weekends, or take sickies!) and get a feel for the work.
    You have to enjoy what you are doing, I don't care what anyone says. Find something you enjoy, and you wil become very, very good at it.
    Do work you are in just for the money, and at best, you will be average and end up hating yourself!
    Also be advised that an aprenticeship wil initially not pay terribly well, but if you can get through the first year or two, you will do well.
    An apprenticeship is a four year commitment too, walking away without a certificate is a waste of time.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. yeah, i'm prepare for the financial burden of apprenticeships and am prepared for that

    cheers for the advice... just gota get time to do that stuff!!! :(