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Care for Gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by CelticKnight, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. I'm sure theres been a thread about this before, but couldn't find it. Here we go.

    I've got some Dri-Rider gear, Jacket & Gloves.
    They have gotten a little... well they're filthy! How should I clean them? Are they safe to put in a washing machine?
    How do I get the inside of Dri-rider gloves clean?

    I'm sure someone on here can help, but couldn't find a relevant post. Sure someone on here can help.
  2. Follow the washing instructions in the jacket on the tag or get your to do it since a can clean anything
  3. Stupid iPhone get your mum to wash it
  4. Ride through a car wash ya goose.
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  6. if its not leather should be OK in the washing machine. cold or warm. if that worries you hand wash in the bath. take the armour out. or get a girl to do it. buy new gloves if they pong
  7. I just take the armour out and put mine through the washing machine on a cold wash and they're always fine. I do the same for leather too and have got away with it for the last 25 years, making sure to give it a good Nikwax soaking afterwards.
  8. Ever thought of washing your hands before shoving them in your gloves or is "filthy" code for "nauseating pong"?
  9. Blaise - they spent the hot months sitting on a dusty shelf and, despite being in a nice protective bag, seem to have hoovered up any dust or muck nearby.

    Yeah think I'll just wash the gloves out by hand with some gentle soap, and take the armor out of the jacket and stick it in the machine.
    thanks for the advice guys
  10. Take the armour out of the jacket and chuck it in the washing machine. I have no idea how to wash gloves, mine never last long enough to warrant washing, but I suspect putting them in the washing machine with your jacket will do the trick.