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Care and feeding of Matte finish Helmets

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Al_Cam, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. I am appealing to the knowledge & opinion of the Net Rider Oracles.

    I’m in the market for a new Helmet and have seen a couple of SHOIE NXR I like – but in a matte finish. SHOEI’s care instructions say don’t polish Matte finishes, just use mild soapy water to clean. Now I assume that is to preserve the Matte finish – polish would obviously shine it up. I have no desire to have a matte finish. It’s not my thing. I image a few brushes and mild bumps will mar the matte finish anyway. My opinion is a matte finish is a different look but not a very durable one. So I am wondering if polish or my usual cleaning method of Plexus on the visor & occasional Plexus on the shell would be O.K. That is not going to degrade the shell like supposedly happens with adhesive from stickers & the like. Maybe even start with a carbanubra based car wax.

    Any thoughts or experience?

  2. That's a nice looking helmet. I can't speak for helmets but my bike is matte grey. I give it a quick wash with soapy water then use a silicon spray to protect it. It ends up being more satin than matte. This might change your mind a bit on the finish of that helmet.

    As for polishing it, I'm not too sure. I can't see a wax doing any damage to the shell, as long as it's just coating. Buffing it smooth I'd imagine will only act on the paint, so again, wouldn't affect the integrity of the helmet.

    Of course, why not just buy a gloss helmet and not have to worry about all of this?
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  3. Hey Al_CamAl_Cam , I am onto my second matte finish helmet. The first, a Shark S900C, was matte black and I kept it clean with Plexus and I'm doing the same with my new Shoei GT-Air. Seems to work ok for me doing it regularly.
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  4. Good question and certainly an option, but I wouldn't mind something a bit more visible & of all the SHOEI NXR helmets this is the cheapest high contrast colour combo by far (and a black & yellow one too). $300 off Recommended retail too. Although for the same price there is this in gloss finish:


    I'm hunting for a new helmet after a SMIDYS (yes he did say that) and I was wearing one of these:
    And a high vis vest, twin brighter than standard headlights &c... so a good question is: "What's the f'n point of a high vis helmet".

    A bit of wax may help clean off bug guts.

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  5. Any saving on a Helmet will go towards a Go-Pro or similar & I'd be better off financially & legally and screw the standards.
  6. My understanding is that yellow and white are the two most visible helmet colours, so if you're looking to be as much as a beacon as possible, leave the red helmet on the shelf.
  7. I have a NXR in matt black. They are a very nice helmet.

    As far as cleaning goes, a damp cloth to remove bug guts is all it takes.. I use Nuplex (similar to Plexus, but you can get it at Bunnings and it's cheaper) on the visor, it does get overspray on the helmet too. Usually a rub with a dry or damp cloth gets it off with no lasting marks.

    But, I also like the look of matt paint on the helmet, and marks just add character...
  8. O.K. I'm sold, Thanks Blokes.

    Now the issue issue is will it fit my noggin...
  9. Wait......people clean their helmets?
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  10. I'm a bit OCD about rainy-day road grime on the visor, but the often only the shell when the manky yellow bug smears start to build up.

    Is it Aerodynamics, or just me, but why do bugs usually seem to splatter in the looking straight ahead zone of your visor?
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  11. that's very similar to my shoei. Red and black matte finish - so far seems to clean fine without affecting the finish
  12. Baby wipes....that is all. image.
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  13. Aww, how did my bike get in the pic?! That's sly. Opps. She's an attention seeker Ms Daytona is. Anyway, I use baby wipes for the bike and helmet, gets the grease and bugs off mildly when I can't be bothered doing a full wash. But yes, if your precious about your top coat or swirls, it's not for you.
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  14. seems matte red and black is in.
    Nice bike Koopi - is that a reminder not to speed note taped to your tank?
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  15. Dunno about you Al_CamAl_Cam but bugs seem to get everywhere, not just straight head on. I recently had a blow fly side swipe my helmet and leave a trail of maggots all down the side!
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  16. Haha, yeah. On a overnighter in October the bugs where so severe that instead of stopping every 30mins to clean the visor, I'd just turn my head a little to look through the clean bit..
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  17. Barters81Barters81 sometimes you just have too clean some stuff off:

    KoopiKoopi how do you feel about killing a lot of little baby bugs? And I would put a picture of a your bike up, it's one that's made my short list. Baby wipes good idea! They actually make a not bad hand de-greaser when spannering. My original post was 'cause I was worried I might rub the finish off.

    I know the yellow & black would probably be more high vis, but I'm leaning towards the red & black. I didn’t actually choose the Rossie gp-tech Limited edition AGV (No 1750 of 2500). It chose me. First Helmet, started at the cheap end at Peter Stevens and ended up at the $$$ limited edition, top shelf ex-display helmet as it was the only one that would fit my odd shaped bonce. But was damned good helmet and bright. Had been displaced from the display case as they just received a Giacoma Agastini design!

    The other design I like is the Duchess Silver:[​IMG]I think it looks a bit 60's psychedelic, but the "Duchess"? Might not get me noticed by car drivers, but may get strange look from riders or inappropriate attention. Maybe I should add some blonde hair extensions to the back rim.
  18. Of course when it comes time to purchase, it's case of what model fits best (I think I was a forceps delivery), then being Scots what's on special in my size so It's a GT-Air: [​IMG]Gloss finish so I'll shall use up my current can of Plexus.

    Thanks for all your comments.
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