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Cardo Scala Rider Q2

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by windy, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. I’m thinking seriously about buying a Cardo scala rider Q2. It's not cheep so before I commit, I'd really appreciate some feed back from the forum.


    I'd post a link but these noob rules are a pain.

  2. there for a reason. I have the scala rider, worked well. I have an intermittent sound issue, which I believe is a frayed wire.(I have it on and off 2 helmets, and am not tooo gentle with it). its almost 18 months old.
  3. Tar for the feedback, have you tired to pair the scala with an iPhone, This will be critical for me as I also want to use the phone and it's GPS feature.
  4. Loz paired his iPhone with my Rider (FM) and it was all good. Unfortunately even the duel headphone Scala Devices are not A2DP compliant so not stereo.
    I run a hack that outputs the stereo signal to both mono channels on my HTC phone and that gives an ok result. It works fine for GPS as well but there are a few other hacks I have applied for that. But these are more about the way the phone does its pairing.
    So basically I have set it up to keep the Bluetooth channel open when opened from the headset button. I believe this would be necessary for anything that doesn’t have A2DP supported properly.
    From a music perspective The audio quality is O.K. But limited. I attribute this to the flat little speakers and don’t think there would be a solution that is both comfortable and any better.
    From a Coms and GPS Perspective, it does all I would expect and pretty simple.
    All of that being said I’d look at this option…

    Camos BTS 300 Stereo Bluetooth Helmet Headset
    Any one got any info on these?
  5. I've had my Scala Rider Q2 for over six months now and it works great for me. It was very easy to pair it with my Blackberry Curve and after the first time I've paired them, they always connect automatically whenever my phone and helmet are within a 10m radius of each other. Couldn't be any easier. I can make calls using voice commands no problems, but that's a feature on the Blackberry and might not work so well on a different phone.

    The volume is auto adjustable according to the noise captured by the microphone and I found that speaking on the phone while riding works better than while stopped. Not that it won't work while you are stopped, but it seems that the engine and wind noise trigger the noise filters and strangely enough my wife can't tell that I'm on the bike if I am moving but she notices it straight away if I'm am stopped.

    The FM radio works well but not great. Although I have programmed my favourite stations in its memory, the reception is just not good enough for country areas. Depending on how far off the city I go it starts losing reception and searching radio stations while riding can become a distraction.

    I have installed a MP3 player application on my blackberry that can stream music to the Scala Rider Q2, however it sounds like an old portable radio as it seems that the bluetooth connection does not support stereo signals. There are plenty of websites where you can find more information in this regard.

    Unfortunately I haven't used its intercom feature yet, as none of my mates have a similar gadget. That's actually the only fault I found with it. Because it is a bit on the expensive side, you don't find many people that have one and convincing your mates to buy one can be frustrating.
  6. Thanks for that excellent feed back, Version 3 for the iPhone apparently improved it's bluetooth performance but I shall go and do a little research based on your feedback, thanks again.
  7. Bugger, just got the official response from Cardo below, you would think that they would develop a software upgrade :(

    Thank you for contacting the Cardo Systems Support Center regarding our products.

    I am sorry to inform you that the iPhone GPS application willnot transmit the audio to our headsets.

    To listen to music through a phone, MP3 player or GPS unit, both Bluetooth devices must have the A2DP Bluetooth profile for stereo audio. Currently none of the Scala-rider products support this profile.

    Please feel free to contact us if we can assist with any other questions.

    Best regards,

    Robert Wargo

    Customer Service

  8. Could be worth looking at the camos one. it does support A2DP
  9. ^^ What he said :grin:
    A2DP AND superior battery life, what more ca one ask?
  10. i listen to music on my scala, using my nokia..
  11. I also use my rider for listening to Music and GPS, but I had to perform some registry hacks on my HTC to keep the channel open and not run the dialler software when the connection was made.
    I did a quick blast around looking for equivalent hack on an iPhone, to no avail. Now not knowing the iPhone or iPhone communities, I may have missed something
    The question is how the phone handles the Headset connection
  12. Same here I listen to music and GPS voice from my N95. I wonder what they are talking about???
  13. re: Camos BTS 300 Stereo Bluetooth Helmet Headset

    The fact that it's also half the price? (am I getting this right?)
    Dale Mclean appear to be selling them for $240-$290. Scala seems to $450+...
  14. I will have to say the mounting method for the Scala looks better than the one for the Camos BTS 300…
    It appears to be the one shortfall for the Camos
  15. This is the price for the rider and pillion two sets pack. The single set costs around the 220-250 mark.
  16. I have the interphone paired with my (broken again :roll:) GPS which in turn is paired to my iPhone.

    I set the iPhone to iPod mode, plug in my earmolds and it pipes music right into my head.

    When I get a call whilst on the bike, the iPhone pauses the music, the caller ID or number comes up on my screen, I can choose to answer the call or reject it.

    Once the call is complete the phone resumes playing where it left off.

    My interphone is near on stuffed though and I'm going to give the Camos that is lying around a run.

    As for A2DP, registry hacks/craxks./smacks, who cares, earmolds rawk!!!
  17. well I guess I've had nothing but the wind in my ears for 2O odd years so if the only capability lose is stereo then I may go with the Scala unit after all. I'm really sold on the 500 meter bike to bike range (pretty impressive for a bluetooth network).

    Tar this has been a great response
    I've not checked yet but what's the Camos stated range for bike to bike.

    Well here goes I'm going to go beg the minister of war and finance, wish me luck :grin:
  18. Just be carefull with the Camos, on the BT200 model, you cannot initiate a call, only answer them.
  19. Hey good news and i can post a link wohoo....

    Thank you for contacting the Cardo Systems Support Center regarding our products.

    We are releasing a new product called the Scala Rider G4. I do not have a release date for the G4, but I do know it will have A2DP connectivity and have up to a mile of intercom communication between other G4 units.

    Please feel free to contact us if we can assist with any other questions.

    Best regards,

    Robert Wargo

    Customer Service