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Cardo Scala Rider G4

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by BitSar, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Hi NetRiders,

    After much consideration of cheaping out for the BT set and looking at high end gear I settled on the "upper-middle" in the Cardo Scala Rider G4

    Ordered the PowerSet from RevZilla - Ordered Sunday - arrived following Monday (6 working days)



    1 Unit (PowerSet ships with two - one for me, one for my buddy)

    I have a Shoei XR-1100, I removed the left hand check pad

    Mounting bracket and boom-mic installed into space between shell and inner-foam.....Really pays to remove the check pad (also this exposes the ear piece recesses.)

    Ear piece in recess in helmet - mounted using stick on velcro pad (included)

    Fully Installed


    Installation took about 35-40 mins - I like things to be neat - you could probably stuff it all in the lid in about 15 mins at a push.

    I used the FM radio on the way to work this morning and had the missus call about 10 mins into the journey. Phone call came through no problem (from a BlueTooth paired Android HTC desire HD). The other half says sound quality was better than hands free in the car - I tried with visor up and visor down - top speed of 80km/h only.

    BlueTooth paring with Android was quick and painless and the headset and phone recognize each other immediately without a problem.

    Sound quality from the speakers is good - nice and loud. Don't expect Hi-Fi but the quality keeps me happy.

    I haven't used helmet - helmet comms as yet. Me and a buddy are planning a Tassie trip soon and we'll test that out then...

    Cheers guys (y)

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  2. I assume the system is water proof? Thanks for the info and the pictures, looks like a pretty clean install which is good (i have the same helmet).

    Can the people your on the phone too hear you well or is there too much wind noise etc?
  3. System is rated as waterproof and dust proof to an internationally recognized standard - can't remember which (it''s in the documentation)

    When my girlfriend called this morning she said I was clearer than when using hands-free in the car.....she was coming through loud and clear at my end too (y)
  4. Thats awesome! how much did that set you back?
  5. Good review and nice pics - thanks...
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  6. A smidge under $400 delivered from the US.....~$390AUD

    One thing to mention is that the power adapter for AC charging has US points.....being a tech-head I had a universal AC adapter but if you don't you'll have to get one if you plan on charging from mains power (this is faster than charging from US8)

    Thanks NiteKreeper......I like your work too :D

    Cheers (y)
  7. Whats next? HD cam? How many things can you hang off your shoei?
  8. ^ LOL....nah nothing else - only the comms unit...

    To be honest I wish there was a better alternative, I loved the Shoei smooth all over.
  9. There is, 2 shoei's! One kitted up and one smooth all over!
  10. For those long distance riders who want a UHF CB, i noticed that a mob called Wireless Pacific GTR now make a handheld unit that is bluetooth enabled, so should work with the Cardo stuff.

    Link here http://www.rwaust.com/two-way-radio-uhf-cb
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  11. Good review & good pics. I might get something like this in the future but for now, am enjoying just the ocassional music (via earphones) & the smooth Shoei.

    I also read somewhere that BMW has some helmets with inbuilt comms, bluetooth etc but they might cost as much as a new bike. :)
  12. Well I lashed out today, bought a new Shoei TZ-X plus the Scala Rider G4. Bought them both local, so paid about $100 more than overseas, but I want to use it tommorrow for a long distance ride so did not really have a choice.

    Also purchased the UHF CB that I mentioned in a previous post, so fingers crossed it turns up tomorrow before lunch. If not, will be using a mates CB with the wired fitting for the G4. -> ahh just realised the mic wont work with a wired UHF radio, bugger...
  13. ^ Wow.....nice little splurge there (y)

    Doing a bit of touring eh? Where are you headed?
  14. Got a few treks coming up. Heading to Agnes Water (near gladstone) tomorrow, back Sunday via the western roads.

    2 weekends after that its the bunya mountains followed by a night at the Maidenwell tavern.

    The weekend after that (I think) doing a FarRiders trek to Uengella via Biloela and Emerald (about 1300kms in 24hours!).

    I can live without the UHF for the first two, but dont think I can for the FarRiders mission.
  15. Sounds awesome TRA.......maybe tack on a review here on how the Scala unit hold up (y)
  16. Just trying to set it all up now. All charged up and about to attempt to pair with my phone. I am a bit of a noob with this stuff, so should be a good test of simplicity.

    What do you think of the buttons? Easy to use with gloves or not possible?
  17. I had no trouble using the buttons with "summer" gloves - I think once you get used to the button placement etc they will be no problem with "winter" gloves either.

    As a plus, when you operate a button a tone sounds through the headset to inform you that the button press was registered.......it is actually quite good feedback.

    I only had to do the pairing once, now when the headset is on and I enable BT on the phone it recognizes the headset immediately - simple (y)
  18. I bought a pair of G4's a while back - for phone, FM, Bluetoothed music, it's pretty good. For helmet to helmet comms, the GF and I occasionally struggle with the noise filter/compressor feature not tripping open at normal speaking volumes. Getting the microphone right on the lips helps.
  19. This cracks me up, I have the Cardo on my lid and I also put a go pro mount on the top so I look like a telletubby with a growth on it's neck.
  20. Ok, here is my review. I am half cut now, and really pissed of with the weekend on riding due to multiple failures of bike and gear, but here goes.

    The only thing that did not let me down this weekend was the Scala Rider G4. So here is how the story goes. On Thursday, I bought the new Shoei TZ-X helmet, and at the shop I got the G4 fitted. Two ways to fit it, using a clamp type system or a glue system where the backing plate comes with some really tough looking sticky stuff. The clamp system is just that, it clamps onto the shell of the helmet. The latter system is a bit of double sided tape that attaches to the helmet.

    The TZ-X is supposed to be 60% quieter than the former TZ-R. IT probably is until you clamp a Scaler Rider G4 to the shell and the wind directs itself into the space between the liner and the shell and straight into your ear. I managed about 250km then stopped to buy some ear plugs (and get changed thank to failure of some touring gear, to be the subject of another review). The Scala stayed silent for the rest of trip..

    On the way home, I put the scala to the test. Ear plugs in, the cheap foam ones, I turned on the radio. Bugger me, I could hear it, ear plugs in. I got a call from a mate whilst doing 110km down the highway with the stupid helmet air leak that was trying to destroy my ear drums, he could not here any wind noise. Got a second call from someone else, same deal, perfect conversation from both ends. If you read my posts, I am a skeptic, so I am surprised by how well this works. My questions about operation of the buttons was not an issue, they are no problem to operate using DriRider Aero's (subject to a yet to come bad report also).

    If I can say one bad thing, and its tough to do, is that one or two more notches on volume would be great for use with earplugs. Not a problem for phone calls, but would be nice for music.