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Cardo Scala Rider G4 verse Wireless Pacific GTR

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by TRA, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Last week I bought a Cardo Scala Rider G4. Great unit and I have been keen to find a wireless UHF CB solution also. So I stumbled across the Wireless Pacific GTR which has a bluetooth option. Look here for details: http://www.rwaust.com/two-way-radio-uhf-professional/wireless-pacific/175-wireless-pacific-gtr-xu1

    The staff from Radio Warehouse would have to be one of the best online retailers I have dealt with to date. Straight up they said that they dont know if the GTR would work with the Scala Rider g4 as it has never been tested. I took my chances abd bought the radio anyway, knowing that I could also use it for 4wd'ing stuff. Radio turned up the next day.

    Yesteday I got around to trying to pair with the Scala Rider G4, but it failed to pair. I emailed both Radio Warehouse and Cardo for tips. Helpful info from Radio Warehouse, and the following response from Cardo:

    Bugger, back to the drawing board. Maybe I can find a way to make it work.
  2. I worked on the Cardo stand last year during moto GP. There were lots of quiries as to UHF headsets and the like. Keep me posted if you do work something out (short of modifying units)
  3. I love my G4 but I would have to say lack of UHF (support or even some sort of cardo ad-on) is the one thing making it fall short of the ultimate helmet headset.
  4. 2 ways to get UHF wirelessly to the head

    1. Camos BTS headset and a BTA (http://www.dmme.com.au/IMC Camos.htm). If using UHF ALL you get is UHF But it does work.

    2. BikeComm system (http://www.dmme.com.au/BikerCom.htm)
    Does EVERYTHING but costs. New solo rider version out soon will be cheaper.

    The BTA (from 1) will also apir to Sena headsets but we havent found any others yet , WONT pair to Scala as mentioned above.
  5. I have followed up with Cardo again, asking for more technical info.

    Ducfreak, I did look at the BikeComm System, but the problem with the Sprint is that there is no room to mount anything like that. The great thing about the cardo, is i can pair it to my phone which sits in the tank bag, and that is my GPS, phone and MP3 player. nice and simple.
  6. Ahh yes the Triumph Sprint. enough room under the seat for a neatly folded cigarette paper :oops:

    We mount stuff under the tank (on the bottom of the squared off bit =D) with Dual Lock Velcro no dramas. It'd fit no probs But you've already done your dough eh ](*,)

    Have mounted StarCom1 and GME TX3400 UHF radio (base) there before :)

    PS currently in negotiations with the actaul manufacturer of those radios and they will be programmed with our narrow band frequencies and locked to freq. so fully C-tick approved for Aus IF the sample performs
  7. Oddly enough, I am rethinking my descision to buy the Sprint now. Considering I have decided to keep the GS500 as a commuter, and use the sprint as a weekend bike perhaps I should have considered the larger sport tourers. The great thing about the sprint though, is it makes a good bike for the 2 hour blasts through the twisties out to the pubs just outside of brisbane, its a good all rounder. Anyway, tough call.

    I'll stick with the Cardo stuff for now, as it does almost everything I want. But I could always flog it off second hand, I am sure there will be no shortage of people that will be happy to take it!
  8. Got an update. Just bought a Sena SMH10 for the Arai XD, and it works perfectly with the Wireless Pacific Radio. So now I have true wireless UHF CB.