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Cardo Scala Rider Bluetooth Headset review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by slyfox, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. see here for product specs and further details.

    cost: $71 off ebay delivered to my door. there are a couple auctioned every night on ebay so snipe the action and get a bargain like me. :wink: ($130 RRP at dick smith/tandy etc.)

    installation: took less than five minutes, clamps onto the side of the helmet with allen keys (so it can be removed without leaving a trace) and the flat speaker velcros securely onto the helmet lining.

    road test: works like a charm, people i've called can't tell i'm on the bike, the only annoyance is that my mobile doesn't have voice dial functionality so i can't take advantage of that feature.




    verdict: if you're not worried that being on a call will distract you, get one! :)

  2. Can you press a button to answer a call?? So if you have the headset on and someone calls you while you are riding you can just press the button to answer the call without needing to press your phone??
  3. better than that mate, you just say 'answer' and it answers the call, so no need to take your hands off the handlebars. (or you can answer it by pressing a large button.)

    (technically you can say anything not just 'answer', it just connects the call on hearing your voice.)
  4. Awesome.....i have a D600 arriving on Monday so i've now placed a bid on one of these babies so i can use the D600 while riding (to recieve calls anyway)!! Hopefully i win it for a good price.
  5. nice one, though bidding early is for suckers you should bid in the last 20 seconds of the auction so no-one has a chance to counter bid. :p

    i was just thinking it may prove useful on group rides. if the group leader has the bluetooth on and something goes wrong back in the pack the tail end rider can call the leader and let them know to stop and come back.
  6. That is if your mobile supports voice dialling, which unfortunately the D600 does not!
  7. even without voice calling it's fairly functional, i must have looked strange pulling my phone out at a red light today when i dialed a mate to have a chat.

    actually there is a way to call someone without stopping, the headset has a 'redial' button, so if the group leader or tail end charlie was your last call you can hit redial to get them.
  8. Great review - thanks :)
  9. Cool.

    Is there any bluetooth recommendation for a full face helmet? It doesn't look like this would fit...
  10. Nice little write up, but your missing a few details.

    Hows it go distance wise from the phone? (which phone are you using?)
    The reason i ask this is if i put my phone in the boot of the bike will is still function properly?
    Also, how loud does the speaker go?
    Can you confirm it can transmit a decent voice quality at 60 / 80 / 100 / 150 km/h?
    Also any chance of a few more photo's of your actual install; like a shot from the outside of the helmet showing the unit, and if your game a shot with you wearing the helmet with it on?
  11. Night_Stalker: From the photos I've seen on various sites, it looks like for a full face helmet you just have the mic going inside the helmet. Looks a bit strange, but I guess it works.

    And I suppose this only works if you don't wear ear plugs (which is rather not pleasant on long rides (and group rides are usually long). Someone should make a set that uses earplug earphones...
  12. as if i wear an open face helmet! :p fits perfectly on my shoei destiny, and any other full face helmet i'd imagine.

    (my lid.)

  13. I just picked one up for $72 delivered. Can't wait to get it. Although I guess this makes it easier for the wife to get hold of me when I'm on the bike.
  14. I got one off ebay for $56 delivered. These things are sweet! You can have your phone in the map pocket of a tank bag to see who's calling or to push buttons to make a call (pulled over of course :)) Sound quality is great too.

    Fits in my full face no problem, but you might have difficulty if you have a helmet with a close fitting breath guard.
  15. I'm another happy eBay purchaser!

    I've had this gizmo for a couple of weeks now. Comfort is fine, sound quality ditto.

    I've not always been successful in getting the voice dial feature to work - there seems to be too much wind noise at freeway speeds to let my phone recognise my voice properly - but I need to experiment more with this.

    The kit comes with 2 foam covers for the mike - I fitted the smaller one but I might go back to the bigger one and see if that improves voice dialling at speed.

    But overall it's handy - I was getting sick of missing calls while on the bike.