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Card for daughter

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by basejumper, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. I wrote my 9 year old a get well card as she went to hospital on the weekend. So aparantly my 7 year old is ticked off that she didn't get a card as well. I wrote her one today to try and explain how much I love her. I'm not very good with words though ...


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  2. Short, factual and to the point bj
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  3. Brilliant.
  4. Haha, epic.
  5. As the father of two young daughters I can relate and appreciate this :)
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  6. Sterling job basejumperbasejumper (y)! You are pretty good with words that matter. Your little girl will keep this card for a long time!
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  7. Honesty with your children. Is there anything more wonderful?
  8. Awesome work
  9. When they eventually leave home?
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  10. Oh basejumperbasejumper I teared up when I read your letter and broadly smiled as well because your daughter will already know how much her daddy loves these other things in his life and how special that she is as well. :)
    I have a letter from my dad written to me in 1969 that I still treasure today and keep in my special little box of things that will go with me when I die.
    This is the only letter from my dad that I have that was just for me (he died in 1974 when I was 13) I read it occasionally and still have a little laugh at him describing the mum, dog, cats and fish plus he called me Janie and old sausage in it. And how much he missed me.

    Very special letter from you to your daughter methinks.
    Thanks for sharing I had a real pang of melancholy and nostalgia in the nicest way!
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