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carby synchro tool

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Androo, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. hey, i was wondering if anyone could recommend a tool for synchronising carbs?

    otherwise i might just go the water-in-a-tube method...

  2. thanks! thats exactly what i was looking for :)
  3. No probs Androo, am going to grab a "kit" myself next week after "pay day" :D

    They look like a decent set at a reasonable price, sure makes the job of "synching" the carbs easier :D
  4. why not just throw a carby party for all the untuned netriders :p
  5. cabbies I cant find any on mine think its fuel injected? unless someone stole them
  6. fuel injection is for pansies :p

    (i heard you have to syc throttle bodies too actually...)
  7. update on this - i decided to try oil in a plastic tube before i forked out for the gauges, and it worked really well!

    i used about a metre of 10mm clear plastic tubing ($3 at bunnings) with about 3cm worth of oil. i then taped the tube to the 1 and 2 vacuum hoses, and adjusted them until the oil was stationary. i then did the same with the 3 and 4 hoses. i then used one from either side (might've been 1 and 4, but it doesnt matter). after that the bike idled smoother and revved nicer, yay :D
  8. Where would be big enough to house them all?
  9. I'm sure there is one in Tarneit!!! LOL you asked for that, BTW whens the house warming? :p
  10. When the lawn in my backyard is capable of holding people's weight.
  11. new lawns , no shortage of manure down living near the shit farm :LOL:
  12. I was hoping to put one of my daughters bibs, you know, the ones that have the curved ends to catch their food, I can use one on you and collect all the shit you dribble.
  13. when i posted i was talking to Deb on the phone and said "i bet vic comes back with something about dribbling shit"

    your getting predictable in your old age vic :wink: