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Carby servicing for a Honda Spada

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by trooper15, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    After reading loads of forum threads about the Honda Spada, I figured I'd take a whole year to get through them.. So I'll start one up...

    I guess I'll start from the beginning..

    I bought my Spada in top shape (well at the time I thought she was..) I got her home in one piece (almost ran out of fuel half way home.. but I got to a servo just in the nic of time!) After giving it a full tank I rode home and just as I turned the key to turn her off, I start to smell fuel/petrol fumes.. So with the engine off and I've just put her on the stand, I noticed there was a little leak from the over flow tubes located just near the stand and gear lever... I thought oh ok that could be normal..

    The next day, I went to check on her and she's leaked more fuel .. so I took her to see my mechanic to see if he can check why she's leaking fuel..

    When I got back to my mechanic some weeks later (just a week) my mechanic said, he noticed that the week he has had it, the spada almost ran out of petrol (knowingly I left the bike with a fuel tank) - he said it might have drained slowly via the over flow tubes below... then he replaced the spark plugs and topped up the engine oil and used a carby and throttle cleaner to make sure there was no lurking gunk around.. took it for spin and he said she purred like a cat... but this didn't stopped the leaking - after he stood it on its stand, there was still a little leak of petrol below.. (Asked about the petrol fume smell after the ride - no mentioned but I think he didn't hear me over the phone!) after all that he suggested I take it to a pro who does pro carby cleaning (but he thinks it can't be the carby because the spada isn't blowing or spitting out smoke or fluids..) but to be on the safe side he wants me to ask around town and find out how much it is to get my spada's carby's fully serviced (but he doesn't think this will fix the petrol leak)

    My questions after all that..
    1) does anyone recommend a motorcycle shop in SYdney for a good price?
    2) it there any suggestions on what can cause this petrol leaking through the over flow tubes?
    3) would someone like me (A learner and newbie) tackle something like this (cleaning out my spada's carby's)? opinions..
    4) should I be just taking my bike to those dealers who specialise in motorcycles and have them service it ?
    5) any other suggestions that i should have my mechanic check for?

    Thank you in advance folks! Any info/insights would be awesome!! :)
  2. The first thing I would ask myself is whether or not the Spada, like most modern bikes, uses a vacuum-operated fuel tap. You will know because a vacuum-operated fuel tap will have two lines connecting to it - the petrol hose (fat) and the vacuum hose (skinny, often connects to the back) . A gravity-fed tap will only have a fuel line connected to it. If the switch on the tap has a prime setting or doesn't have an off setting, it's definitely vacuum-operated.

    If the fuel tap is vacuum-operated and functioning correctly, then the only fuel you could possibly loose from a problem in your carbs while the bike is resting is what is already inside them. So you wouldn't be loosing much and it would be hard to start the bike in the morning because the carbs would be empty. This is because a vacuum-operated tap should not allow fuel to pass from the tank to the carbs unless the engine is running.

    If the Spada uses a vacuum-operated tap *and* you are loosing large amounts of fuel from the carbs (either from a leak or the overflow) while the bike rests, then, at the very least, your fuel tap is malfunctioning and will probably need to be rebuilt with the appropriate kit.
  3. Good advice Jack.

    Trooper, the Spada has a vacuum operated tap fyi. Under the fuel tank their is two hoses connected (you can see them easily without removing the tank). The largest hose is the fuel hose, the small one is the vacuum hose that "opens" the flow of fuel when the engine turns over.

    If you remove the small hose, does the fuel still come out of the main fuel hose? If so you need to get a kit and rebuild it, it's a simple job.
  4. The Spada has a vacuum operated fuel tap.

    Edit: Bjpitt beat me to it.
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  5. Cools... thanks for all that information.. My Spada is at the mechanics and was informed that the leaking has stopped. I will pick her up this weekend and get more information on what was happening and what was done to her. Cross fingers it wasn't a big (expensive) job.

    I'll keep ya'll posted!! :)
  6. I rode spada before and it was vacuum fuel tab but never had any problem with leaking .
    I got quote for fixing carbie for about $250. if there something to do with only carbie should be around that price.

    hope your spada come back in good shape.
  7. What ended up being the issue Trooper?
  8. Good news folks... my mechanic has fixed the leaking! It was just the fuel line connection wasn't properly attached. He also changed the oil filter and spark plugs for me and now no more leaking and no more petrol fume smell after my rides!
    Been riding it over the weekend and it doesn't seem to be leaking any petrol.. so far so good!!

    I've told my mechanic about the suggestions here and he said he'll look in to it if the leaking starts again.. :)

    Thanks everyone!!

    Hot off the press: I just noticed after yesterday's ride, my front brake lights stopped working.. when i touch the wires just under the master cylinder the front brake lights turn on when pressed.. but when i let go.. failed! I guess time to google how to fix it before I take her out for a spin this weekend :)
  9. Thanks for the update, easy fixes are always the best.

    Electrical issues can be a pain, but hopefully you just have a grounding issue. Try and trace the wires and see what effect touching the wires have to connection points.
  10. Have a look at the fuse box as well.
  11. Update on front brake electronics..

    Fuses are fine..all checked ok
    Connections were a shocker...

    The find:
    Disconnected the switch from the master cylinder and boom, one of the connector wires just slide off.. Would attach picture but don't know how.. but yeah..

    Temporary fix attached the wires directly to the switch mains.. It'll have to do until I buy a new switch connector..

    Front brake lights working and sealed it with electrical tape and made sure water won't short circuit it! :)

    Thanks for everyone for their suggestions!
  12. I have exactly the same issue, the connector needs to be replaced. But I was lazy and just used the old hot glue trick to keep the connector attached.
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  13. Hi everyone.. I know it's been awhile since I last posted in here.. Well bad news *again*.. the little Spada is leaking via the overflow tubes! Since my last post, the leaking stopped, I took it for weekend rides since I got it back.. but I've been so busy with exams and work I havne't taken her out for almost 3 weeks...then just last weekend Dad noticed a smell of petrol and inspected the car and then the Spada.. it was the Spada.. petrol leaked on the garage floor and Dad had to fetch a pan to catch the rest... :(

    I haven't had time to take her back to my mechanic.. but before I do.. I will attempt Jack_1313 and Bjpitt's suggestions earlier in this post...

    Is it worth getting the carbies looked at and cleaned? **last time my mechanic had her he check the carbies and said they were still very cleaned so the previous owner who sold her to me wasn't lying that he had it serviced!** anyone know of a local carbie cleaner who doesn't charge an arm and leg and nearby Blacktown area?
  14. hi, am curious as to the outcome from your last visit to the mechanics as i have a similar problem only the fuel comes out when im starting the bike. The back story is the spada was sitting for about 3 years before i picked it up. I replaced the tank and fuel tap as rust had dominated the original. Just put them on and with an oil change and such tried to start it but fuel started pouring out of the overflow hoses. It wont start, and will keep flowing while i try unless the turn the fuel tap to off. which makes sense. One of the only differences i know of is that there was some sort of fuel filter on fuel tap that the old one didnt have. Seems like a great idea but I have been frantically looking around online trying to figure it out but no clear answer. Would any smart people have an idea? Im pretty new at all this so I have alot to learn.
  15. Grit or rust caught in the needle and seat so it cant shut off fuel flow when the bowl is full would be my guess given the previously rusty state of the tank and no filter. After three years of sitting around the carb (carbs?, never played with a spada so don't know how many you've got) could have all manner of crap in em, strip and clean would be a good idea.
  16. +1 to sl100 sticking floats is another possibility. Another members suggestion I have seen posted recently is to tap the float bowls with the handle of a screwdriver. In the longer term a clean out is the best solution.
  17. I have a Spada and can think of a couple of things it could be

    The Breather/overflow is a metal pipe that runs inside the tank
    could be draining when on side stand and tank full as its on the left of the filler cap
    or the pipe is rusted inside the tank and is is seeping out onto the catch tray and down the overflow hoses

    the other thing that comes to mind is the crankcase breather, it has a 2 way split, one hose goes to the air cleaner box and the other is a drain tube and somewhere in the middle is a water separator. the hose I'm talking about is the one underneath that has a plug, when I drained mine loads of crap and water came out and it smelled of fuel, is the plug still in?

    Hope its the plug been left out or maybe get another tank from the wreckers