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Carby problems with Kwaka GTR 1000..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by PolarFrog, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. G'day Guy's,
    I have come into the possesion of a GTR 1000. I think it is an 85-6 mod.
    Like all bikes that have aged well it has a few problems, the biggest of which is the fact that the carby seems to flood as it idles when stopped at intersections. does anyone have any ideas as to what may be going on and how to fix?

  2. You need to send a PM to a Netrider called Dave, in Brisbane, or Typhoon, in Wamboin NSW. Both these guys are GTR owners, and Dave especially is a long-ride specialist on the bike. Between the two of them there's probably nothing they don't know about GTRs.....
  3. Sounds like either float problem or crap in the needle thats letting fuel getting through when it shouldnt.
    A mate had a Z1000 with similar problem. Resetted floats, cleaned carby out and it ran like a dream. good luck with it all.
  4. Carby problem with GTR 1000

    Thanks for the tips guy's,
    I will see how I go. It sounds like it won't be too hard to rectify, hopefully. If not then Typhoon or Dave will be getting a PM.
  5. It is more than likely that the needle and seat is worn,
  6. These bikes are semi known for doing this.
    A couple of quick fixes you may try are:
    Undo all four carb bowl drains under the carbs, poke a wire in tehre and let copius amounts of fuel flood through the carbs. The fuel will probably run brown initially, nothing to worry about, it's only fuel tank rust! :shock:
    INSTALL AN INLINE FUEL FILTER! Seriously, this simple and cheap mod saves so much money and aggravation on any bike it's not funny!
    Run some carb/fuel injection cleaner ( I love Nulon) through the bike. Mix it way over the recommended amounts.
    Run the bike for a tank or two and see how she goes.
    If these steps don't work, the carbs should probably come off, and as said above, new needles and seats installed. These carbs are nothing special, any carb guy (or yourself if you have the knowledge) can rebuild them. Getting them in and out however, is a hassle.
    My bet though, is just some gunk in the needle/seats, and draining and flushing the carbs SHOULD work.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Much Appreciate Typhoon, will try this and see how she goes.
    At the moment the bike is in Melbourne and I'm in NSW so unfortunately it won't be for a while. I'll just have to wait until then to enjoy all that she can give.
  8. Typhoon is on the right track.
    But before buying new needles and seats, get the float levels checked, and if needed, which I would suspect they will need to, have the float levels set correctly.

    A few other things that may help. I bought my '86 GTR in 2002. It was running rich, an didn't need any choke to start over winter. On inspection, the spark plugs were black with soot.
    After removing and dismantling the carbs, the float (where the needle rests) had a small indentation. I was advised to wet'ndry this until it was flat. Then reset the float level. The float level was the problem with my bike, allow it to run too rich.
    The site that typhoon mentioned has links to downloadable manual.
    Hope to see you over there soon.