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Carby leaking fuel via float bowl

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by thecptn, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Looks like my Yamaha SR185 has a touch of a prostate problem, it is leaking fuel in small amounts out of the float bowl drain tube, ive tightened the screw hard, but it still leaks, especialy if I have it on its side stand, any pointers?

  2. mm sounds to me like the float bowl itself is flooding, and the tube is the only place it can go. How's the fuel consumption?? May be time to go to a carby specialist......
  3. I forgot to mention that just before this started, I filled up the tank and forgot to add some valve saver fluid, so I went and bought some, added it in and shook the bike side to side quite hard, when I came home it started doing it, I just took it out for a spin and after a few trys kicking it over, it turned over as usual, took it for a spin and came home, so far no more fuel leaking, could shaking the bike that hard have caused the carb to flood?
  4. May have fcuked up the floats, in which case, yes, you could easily create the carby to flood.
  5. could be crap in the carby that you stirred up when you shook it?
  6. Most float bowl leaks are a result of the float needle not seating properly. the bowl fills up with fuel and it flood out near the top of the bowl. It always looks like it's coming out of the drain area, because it runs to the lowest point.

    So the shaking thing may have cause it.
  7. Thanks guys, looks like the problem solved it's self.
  8. It'll be dirt in the needle/seat area...

  9. When a float starts leaking it will usually fill up. Or fill to a point that's level with the top of the fuel level in the bowl. When this happens, you won't see a drip type leak. It will be fairly consistant and well flowing one as the float will be too low to even come close to closing off the needle valve.

    A drip from the carby would indicate a dirty needle/seat. Perhaps a really worn one. But even then I've seen worn seats that can still seal.

    Anyway, looks like the guy's problem fixed itself. Might've been crap in the carby that's dislodged and flushed itself away.

    Might pay for the guy to turn the fuel off, remove the float bowl and capture any fuel into a container, open the tap (if it's not vacuum assisted and can't be bypassed) and flush the crap out of the system and clean any gunk out of the bowl.

    To the OP, what's this additive that you're putting in the fuel?