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Carby Gasket kit for YZF600 Thundercat

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by ReadyRampGeoff, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,
    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas where to get a carby gasket kit(s) for a YZF600R thundercat...think it's a 2002 model. The carby kits on ebay tend to only have the one gasket, and jets etc, but miss out on all the main gaskets and o-rings around the other internal components (you know, all the ones that the Haynes manual says "throw those away and get new ones" ). Think there's even a little filter which I need to replace.

    So, I suppose the question is any ideas on where to get a more comprehensive carby rebuild kit?

  2. A Yamaha dealer?
  3. I got some Yamaha bits nice and cheap from Wenmoto in UK. Ordered on a Sunday and received them the following Thurs. which I thought was amazing.
    No idea if they would have the parts you want. Would need to check.
  4. Thanks GreyBM...I've had a look there and although their carby kit looks similar to others I've found, I think they've got a few other things that I might need as well...better start a shopping list!
  5. I also sent Wenmoto an email to ask something and got a response within an hour or so which also impressed me as good service.

    I haven't used them so don't know what they are like but the other place I was looking at was Yambits. One company had a more extensive list of parts than the other for my model, prices were about the same but there were variations so depending on what set of parts you wanted one place may end up being cheaper than the other. However I needed delivery to a PO box and Yambits used a courier who wouldn't do that.

    Also for all you non-Yamaha owners out there, Wenmoto appear to do parts the range of Japanese brands.
  6. Thanks GreyBm; checked out Yambits and thought I'd hit gold with 150 bits specific to the Thundercat...unfortunately no carb kit (or any of the other tiny bits I need). Oh well, worth a shot. Thanks for the link though...might use it in the future.

    Think Deadsy might be right...off to the dealer I go...:greedy:
  7. Yamaha won't do a "kit" as such, but you can order every specific gasket and o-ring etc you need off of the parts diagram and get the things you need that are not supplied in aftermarket kits.
  8. Ok, good call Deadsy...