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Carby cleaner?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Teamsherman, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Can anyone recommend me a good carby cleaner to use on my VTR250? I want one of the fuel additive ones to try before i decide to strip them down manually.


  2. Those ones you put in the tank, clean out the guts of the tank.
    And then dump the crap in your carby. If it makes it past the carby it dumps it on your valves.
    Better off doing a proper job in the first place.
    Buy an aerosol can of carby clean and pull the carbs down. It's not a hard job. Well once you get the carby off.
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  4. liquid moly is good stuff. expensive though and it goes in your tank... incidentally, the CT110 will run on pure liquid moly (i had a problem with the carbies on my postie :D)

    i ended up pulling the carbies apart and using a generic "carbie cleaner" from supercheapauto.... still didn't fix the problem (i think it was a problem with the plugs in the end), but the carby was a clean as a whistle.
  5. MN. There is an o'ring at the front of the carbies on a postie bike that goes. When it does it causes them to stall a lot. Also makes the mixture screw useless.
  6. GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!


    Oh well, someone else's problem now!!! :D

    Bretto, you're a genius ;) :D
  7. ...And he loved his carburetor cleaner *sickass slap bass riff* The vapor made a sweet aroma, he sniffed himself into a coma *pop* Lacquer Head knows but one desire, Lacquer Head sets his skull on fire! Lacquer Head knows no in-betweens, huffin' on bags o' gasoline!

    Suggestion... contact the person you sold it to and tell them about the carby o-ring problem... they will love you for it