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carby balance

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by haydenoc, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I've recently had an aftermarket exhaust put on my 2003 gs500. Its given me the desired noise that i wanted from it, but in doing so, it has produced a slight "miss" when accelerating and during idle ( wasn't a "miss" with old exhaust). There is also some light back firing when gearing down. It doesn't seem like its lost any power.

    does anyone know of someone good around the south of Sydney that can help me with re adjusting the carby's to suit this new exhaust?

  2. While balancing will help in general, re jetting will be what you need in this occasion.

    (Presuming you bike has a carby & not FI)

    Can't help you out with anyone though, sorry.
  3. Rejetting is a relatively easy job but very time consuming, but takes a bit of understanding into how carbies work..

    Balancing will help a bit, but it simply just syncs the throttle bodies and the throttle response will be smoother, it won't help with the carby issue.
  4. Go to <http://gstwins.com/gsboard/ > and ask 'buddha'. Your prayers will be answered. Might also be a good idea to do a search there first, there is heaps of info on jetting GSs.

    Then check the thread on 'relay around Australia' and join in!
  5. Thanks for that mate. will give it a go.