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Carburetor Cleaning

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Conorkc, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Hi Folks,

    I just cracked the Carby bowls on the ER-5. The left one ran some water followed by petrol, the right one wouldn't let anything down. The petrol I got from the left carb contained some black particles also. With this in mind I would like to give the Carburetor a clean this weekend. I am comfortable removing the carb, and disassembling it.

    My question is if I clean the bowls, the float pins and the pilot and main jets etc. will I need to re-adjust the Sync, idle and mix settings or should I be able to pop the carb back on and start her up? I don't have access to a manometer, fuel level gauge etc. So might just clean the bowls of gunk and pop it back to avoid adjustments.

    P.S. I will also be cleaning the Tank, and fuel tap also.
  2. Short answer, you will be near enough that it won't matter - as long as you don't change/adjust anything.

    The black particles - could it be the fuel lines perishing? Might be worth checking as it's easier to replace them with everything apart. (Shouldn't be, but the bike might have had a hard life out in the weather, or a gut full of ethanol fuel with non-compliant fuel lines...)
  3. Yes, I was thinking fuel lines or gasket also. The lines still feel 'spongy' tho, but I will give them the once over when I have the carbs off. Thanks for the advice :)
  4. By far the best method for CLEANING carbs are an Ultrasonic tank,they are used to clean jewelry,plenty on Ebay.Take care what you use as fluid,some will blacken the body.Plenty on this on the web.BTW my preferred Carb cleaner is spray cans made by Newlon,if you don't have an Ultrasonic.
  5. Zim, I have an ultrasonic cleaner here at work. My boss said I can use it if I like. But I was not sure what is safe to put into it. I was thinking of just putting the jets into it to get the holes clean. For the rest of the housing I was going to use a toothbrush and carb cleaner.
  6. You should be right, just don't adjust the linkage between the carbs & it will be the same as before.

    Quick tip, keep all the carb parts separate, ie if it came out of the left carb, put it back in the left! Doing one at a time will be good if you need a reference to how it goes back together too.
  7. Thanks MV, I will separate out the parts form each Carb while stripping them. I am looking forward to this now. Roll on the weekend :)
  8. The point of the Ultrasonic is getting the tiny idle passages in the body cleaned.All that fine osculating.Do some research on what the fluid to use,as I said some make the carb go black.Re cleaning the tank,add some clean nuts and bolts and shake shake shake with a bit of fuel.Heard about some who pad out a cloths dryer with the tank inside.Take care of fuel leaking out while doing this.Expect some evidence caught in the mesh filter in the fuel taps.