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carbureted cars

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bullet21, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Ive been looking at buying a car, its got to be very cheap ie: less than $4000 and economical. and very reliable. Im especially interest in a corola or a camry. Cos toyotas seem to run for ever.

    Ive just noticed though that some of the older ones a carbureted and have had no experiance with carbureted cars. What are they like? please dont laugh at me, but will they have trouble starting on a cold morning. :oops:

    Help a brother out and give me any recommendations.

  2. Carburettor fueled cars have been used since the dawn of time ...
    with most having auto choke standard, You more than likely wont tell the difference after you turn the key.
  3. Carburetted cars only give problems with starting if there's something wrong with them. You may however notice a difference in throttle response between a carbied car and one with fuel-injection, carbies tend to be a little more sensitive especially when it comes to lifting off.
  4. Our carby 1992 Corolla CS hatch is still driving around 16 years later with over 360,000k's on it.

    Don't worry about older Corolla's being carby - worry about the condition of the CV joints, and make sure the gearbox does everything it's supposed to.
  5. And if anything goes wrong it's a lot easier to fix than fuel injection (and cheaper) :LOL:
  6. I disagree there.

    You know how hard it is to find a mechanic these days that even KNOWS what a carby is, let alone fix and tune them?? Very few and far between.

    Most mechanics these days are bloody part changers. Nothing more.
  7. . . . or diagnostic module experts ! Plug it in and wait for what it says !
  8. +1

    Nowadays you often need to go to a carby SPECIALIST, how lame :LOL:
  9. If there is a nuclear holocaust all EFI cars will be rendered useless as the Elecro Magnetic Pulse will wipe the BCM. But you will still be motoring and will be the envy of all your radioactive friends.

    Please refer to the below vehicles, noticing no electronic fuel injection systems:

  10. It doesn't hurt your bike to have a carby rather than fuel injection and it won't hurt your car either. :)
  11. nothing at all wrong with a carby. They just won't work when your upside down. I guess thats only a problem in planes though.
  12. I'm totally useless mechanically and I can at least clean a carby, replace needles and gaskets and (sort of) get it idling properly. It's highly unlikely you'll have anything more than that go wrong. Balancing them on the other hand is a pain in the neck.
  13. That said, though Tony, once they are set up and balanced they tend not to need work again for a lo o o ng while.
  14. And anyway, old Corollas generally only have one :LOL:
    (and you could probably successfully tune it with an axe)
  15. With my old Triumphs, with (supposedly) hard-to-tune SU carbs, I don't thnk I ever touched the carbies on three cars and hundreds of thousands of miles.....
  16. I was actually reading in a car mag recently that carby engines are actually better than fuel injected engines in that fuel atomizes (mixes with air) better in a carby than it does in an EFI engine. Interesting stuff.
  17. What the hell magazine was that :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Fuel injection is far more effective in getting the right mix of fuel/air to the engine under different conditions which means more power and better efficiency. This is plainly obvious in the difference between carburetted and fuel-injected versions of the same engine (and the fact that no major car manufacturer uses carbs any more).
    The next step is direct injection, which is already being used, where the perfect fuel air/mix is injected straight into the cylinder. Funnily enough this was actually invented a long, long time ago - but carbies were cheaper and fuel was cheap enough that no-one really cared about efficiency (for more power they just made the engine bigger).
  18. If everything was constant you might do better with a carby. Trouble is things aren't constant - valve timings slip, air temperature varies, engine temperature changes etc. etc. so modern fuel injected systems change to suit.

    Even Paul's Triumphs changed to injection (I had a poster on the TR5 Pi - first British Sports Car with fuel injection was the slogan) The Sedans went from the Triumph 2000TC (twin carby) to the 2.5PI :LOL:
  19. .. and then often straight back again, because the petrol pump was in the boot, and in typical chintzy brit style, was actually a Lucas windscreen wiper motor, and it overheated, even in England!!!

    But seriously, PI is more expensive to manufacture; there's no way manufacturers would be universally adopting it (can you BUY a carby car, new, these days??) if carbies were better, cos they're cheaper....
  20. But on the bright side all you ever needed to work on them was a screwdriver, a hammer, a pair of pliers and a quarter-inch Whitworth Socket.