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CarbTune & ColorTune

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by finplan, May 19, 2008.

  1. Has anyone used these tools on their bikes and if so how good are they

  2. do a bit of a search. Many people have used the carbtune. Not sure about the colortune.
  3. What the hell is a color tune?
  4. It's a device that you screw into the spark plug hole (replaces plug during testing session) and allows you to view the combustion taking place in the motor. You can tell by the colour how the mixture is burning (you don't get any more detail than that).
    I've used one on my old car - fairly useful for getting mixture right with multiple carbs. Haven't used the motorcycle version.
  5. how does the mixture burn when theres no plug? :shock:
  6. The device acts as a plug, providing spark. You hook it up to the plug lead.
  7. THATS MAD!!!

    2 questions

    how much and GIMME!!!
  8. I think it's still a bit of a guestimate process
  9. its a thing this carb rebuilder has been using for 30 years :twisted:
  10. Colourtune is fantastic for idle mixture adjustment and can also tell you something about mixture when the throttle is opened rapidly, but it won't tell you what your engine's doing under load.

    Used within their limits, I love 'em.

    As with most things automotive, they're bloody expensive here. There are UK mail order companies who will do you a good deal. Google Gunsons Colourtune.
  11. About $70 on eBay. I want one too!
  12. I have one on order as we speak.
  13. I've used one and didn't think it was that good. You can get averagely close but not perfect.
    TBH, I can usually get just as close by guessing the jet sizes.