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Carbon Fibre Huggers - what are good brands??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by edgelett, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. People keep telling me to get a "good" brand hugger
    But as I've never customised a bike before, I don't know what is a good brand.

    Please - send your recommendations this way!

    and what do people think of Red Fox?? they seem rather cheap.

  2. never heard of red fox, where do they come from?
  3. ive never heard of red fox as well
    do they have a web site...
    if not i think the company is called electromold...
    im not sure of the spelling though
    but they are located in thomastown..
    they have a good arrange of rear hugger
  4. I've seen quite a few "red fox" huggers on e-bay for around $130 AU. just seems really cheap compared to a powerbronze...

    since no-one's heard of them I might steer clear of them

    what brands do you recommend?
  5. Edgelett, I think I mentioned Geelong Carbon Craft in another thread that you initiated, but I am not sure if they would make one for your bike. I had never heard of Red Fox either so I had a quick look-see and found a couple of sites that refer to them. They apparently are not carbon fibre, but "carbon fibre look" so that is why they would be cheap-ish. Found this review http://www.svrider.com/articles/mar02/redfox.htm and he rates them highly.
  6. Geelong carbon or there's power bronze :grin:
  7. ah - CF "look" - that explains a lot. thanks mate.

    and yeah I do remember you mentioning Geelong Carbon Craft, I'll check their site out too.
  8. Does it really matter if it is 'real' carbon fibre....? :?
    It really is only a big mudflap...... :roll:
  9. at the risk of sounding absolutely stupid, but what are the clear benefits of adding a Hugger to your bike ?
  10. That's okay :grin:

    Doonks, Don't know about others but the reasons I have a hugger on my bike are three fold. 1) saves mud and grot being splattered around too much 2) and just as importantly for my bike it saves the rear shock and spring from being chipped and buggered by flying gravel and stuff. 3) cos it looks good :grin:
  11. no not really, I just couldn't work out why it was sooooo cheap. still seems like a great product though.

    Doonks - benefits are it keeps the crap from flicking off my rear tyre all over the underside of the bike. And I like the way they look.

    747 - I checked the website for geelong carbon craft - they make em for the 900 hornet only (buggers).

    so it's back to e-bay.............
  12. is there a hornet forum where you can find this stuff out?
  13. yes, but it's in the UK - most of the manufacturers they recommend are in Europe or the USA. I'm trying to find a hugger I can buy easily in Australia.
  14. If you really have a look you will see that power bronze is a UK company but are located in Seaford Melbourne Australia :grin:
  15. You can buy anything from the US by using a western union money order from the post office, if you don't trust credit cards and the net.
  16. Western Union are more dodgy than a decent secure site for CC's on the net
  17. um.........nope. they a) cost too much and b) I just feel REALLY insecure.
    Paypal is my payment mode of choice.

    those red fox huggers are looking good though - there's a few on e-bay
  18. Buy a Red Fox one and if it's of inferior quality, advise Pay Pal and cancel the payment or send it back!
    If it's good though, I might just have to get one for my little Hooner!
    Oh and how much $$?
  19. the one i'm looking at is $162.00AU.

    I've spent my "bike allowance" for this fortnight though - more on that in my "custom" thread later.

    so will probably be another 2 weeks before I even order one.
  20. The 'comedown' of the mod' addiction...... :LOL: