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Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by xXx, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. I decided to wrap my windscreen in vinyl. Reason its got a few scratches and white dots that don't want to come out. I have a new tinted windscreen but I thought i would wrap this one.

    I saw many you tube vids of people doing this so I thought I will give it a go.

    Product: TRI Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap - got it of Ebay $5 with postage.

    I don't know how good this product is compared to like 3M, as this is the first vinyl that I have ever bought.

    I am quite happy with the results, have a few air bubbles but overall quite satisfied for my first attempt.

    If anyone is thinking of doing any kind of wrapping here is what i have learned.

    1. Make sure the object is secured. I took the windscreen off but i think it would have been so much easier if it stayed on the bike. This way you can stretch the product and apply it easier without trying to hold it at the same time.
    2. Heat it up. This vinyl was so much easier to work with when heated up.
    3. Cotton gloves would have been a plus for easier application. I used a credit card covered with a microfiber cloth. Or a proper application squeegee.
    Have good long weekend people. Time to change the oil, filter and clean the chain for tomorrow. Ride safe.

    IMG_0324 - Copy.JPG IMG_0325 - Copy.JPG IMG_0326 - Copy.JPG IMG_0328 - Copy.JPG IMG_0329 - Copy.JPG
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  2. Looks great :)
  3. I really like the outcome, I'v been tossing up the idea of wrapping my fairings in Carbon Vinyl as I have a few scrathes down one side, I just know I would fail at it haha...
  4. Wrapping big scratches will show if wrapped properly (unless using a CF wrap)

    If you poke the bubbles with a pin, they smoothen right out and aren't noticeable.

    I'm thinking of murdering my OEM fairings on the fireblade but the front cowls inside is silver and if I stop at the edges it'll damage easy.

    Nice work xXx =] The eBay vinyl is harder to work with, i've done a few car interior wraps using it and it's not always the easiest to work with.
  5. Defect right there.
  6. Really? Because it's not DOT approved lol?
  7. Is this ANOTHER long weekend I'm working? Sigh... I work too much.

    Looks good mate.
  8. That looks awesome, I've been thinking about doing my screen for a while but never thought about using vinyl wrap, I was going to go to my local window tint guy and get it installed on the inside like they would normally do (not even sure if its possible to do this?). The only thing I've heard to watch out for with vinyl wrap is you can't wash it with a Gerni cos it will shread it.
  9. Yeah i was gong to that but it not a pin in the house, could not believe it. I will get them out today. I didn't want to use the trimming knife yesterday cos it will make a slit not a hole.

    Its the first vinyl that I worked with so I can comment. Looking into doing my read cowl, lower cowl which are both blue atm and front fender which is red atm, in carbon fiber vinyl.

    I will probably get the 3M stuff for that. In your opinion how much better is the 3m stuff over ebay stuff?

    My brother loves it. Hes doped in last night and by the time he left hes telling me we are going do his Silvia in Matt black. LOL i might lots of practice at this fairly soon. :)

    Hope everyone is having a great long weekend.
  10. Yeah I know. But so is a tinted windscreen. Mind you that even if I put my head on the fuel tank i would still be looking aver the top of the windscreen.
  11. The 3M would be a lot better for fairings, it stretches over non flat surfaces easier when heated and holds its position. I've noticed the eBay wrap shrinks easy over time in heat and leaves sticker glue residue; I can take a photo of what I mean if you like but fairings get nice and hot being so close to the engine and exhaust.

    Cars are far easier than bikes unless you're also looking to do wrap behind the doors, then it gets tricky. A straight cut with a blade and you can get away with it.

    Cheaper wrap can be used on the bonnet, boot and roof without a problem but I would recommend the good stuff for the bumpers.

    If you're in Melbourne, come to auto euphoria in Dec, there's going to be a few murdered cars on show and you can get heaps of advice from the guys who do this daily (only a recommendation if you are serious about the s15, wouldn't want to waste that wrap).

    Best of luck.

  12. Yep going to that already.

    Post some pics if you've done some stuff, i am interested.

    If we do my brothers car its will only be an external wrap. Front bumper looks like the only one that might be a bit tricky, and the door handles. But we will see if he really wants to do it. Needs to fix a couple of dints in it prior to wrapping.

    Me I am keen to do the rear & lower cowl and front fender in carbon fiber.
  13. Looks great!

    I've been wondering whether it's possible to get it off?
    Say you don't like the colour of your fairings and wrap it in vinyl instead of doing a paintjob. Is it removable for when you wish to sell the bike?
  14. Yeah, just heat it up with a hair dryer and it will peel straight off. It might leave some residue from the glue but thats can be taken off easy. Also quality of the vinyl affects this as well. Some people say that 3m vinyl leaves no residue when you take it off.

    I just used some cheap ebay stuff for my first attempt.
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  15. Good to know. Only problem is when you don't like the colour of your rims...
  16. I'll take some pics for you later today.

    Powdercoat your wheels :)
  17. Wondering if I wrap my busted up VFR750 fairings it might actually help to hold them together???

    Screen looks great by the way - better than clear.
  18. give it a try :LOL:
  19. i tired to get the professionals at carbon deamon up here (they do all the work wrapping cars, their results are flawless) to wrap my vfr400, and they said their products were not suitable for motorcycles because of all the odd angles, air vents, scoops etc that we have on fairings. sure you could give it a shot but the professionals would not take my money for it, even when i said id pay em just to give it a go.

    they can supply big sheets of the stuff though if you wanted to give it a shot.
  20. It's a risk to their portfolio if it starts to bubble and its the time to wrap ratio. They may charge $2k to do a car and 1200 for a bike.

    You ever try wrapping it yourself? I would love to see the results on a VFR