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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Riderman, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    By the time I was a teenager, carby engines in cars were disappearing fast, so the only experience I have with carbies are lawn mowers.

    Today in traffic it was around 26 degrees, normal temp and my idle just dropped until the bike stalled. I had to crank up the choke to keep it going - is this normal, the bike had been warmed and driven about 10mins. It is normally OK to take the choke to the near minimum or even off after around 5 mins of riding.

    Are there any tips for keeping and maintaining carby engines?
    e.g. Warm up/cool down procedures, optimal idle rpm? the manual says 1300 but thats for a spada, my vtr idles around 900 at operational temps
  2. Dunno about VTR's, but normal idle at operating temp is around 1250rpm, give or take 100rpm.

    The choke should only be used to start a cold engine, and is not engaged once the engine is idling smoothly.

    Generally, I'll run the choke for 10-30secs as I put on my helmet and gloves, then turn it off and ride away.

    Carbs needs to be balanced (engine vacuum needs to be equal) every 12,000kms. And valves adjusted every 24,000km.
  3. Thanks for the info
    I have only done 4000kms so still waiting its first 6000km service
  4. You shouldn't need choke to maintain a reliable idle. If the fault persists, take it back to the dealer and request that they fix it under warranty.
  5. You shouldn't need to touch the carbies until after about 40,000 km.

    You have a fault and from what you describe it is a warrantee issue.
  6. Ask me about @#@#* fuel injection...!!
  7. Hmmm. Had problems with your 25 year old, first generation sales gimmick by any chance? :grin: