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Carbie vacuum guages

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Dirk, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. I'm not happy with the standard of service I've been getting from pretty much any bike shop (With the exception of Ride Motorcycles in Tamworth - free plug), so among other things, I've been hunting around for a set of vacuum guages to balance my carburettors with. I'm having trouble finding anybody who sells them. There are a couple of Ebay shops which stock them, but one is in the UK, the other in the US and I'd rather buy from an Australian agent in case of any problems with the product. Anybody know where I can pick up a set?

  2. Dirk

    I bought a "motion pro" mercury manometer (carby balancer) from one of the OZ online stores, can't remember which one, but I got the link from netriders link pages. Take trawl thru those links, a couple of places have them

    Bout $95 plus delivery IIRC.
  3. I got the Carbtune II from a guy in Qld - fairly expensive ($150ish), but I wanted them quickly.

    They work well :)
  4. 2m of 6mm diameter clear hose with some oil in it, $2 :grin:

    Fine if theres just 2 carbs, 4 is more complicated.
  5. not true! just do 1/2 then 3/4 then one from either side :)
  6. You can also stick 4 hoses into a little bottle and silicon up the top.
    But as I said, thats more complicated than just one bit of hose :grin:
  7. I have the Motion Pro kit as well. I found it simple to use and accurate. But if I buy another unit, I will probably investigate something like the guages mentioned by Birdrock.
  8. Ok, attempted post #2.
    Thanks folks, I just ordered a unit from ZPower. How does the oil-in-hose method work? I'm thinking connect the hose to adjacent carbies and see which way the oil is sucked, but I've been wrong before.
  9. Yep, nail the hose to some wood in a U shape with some oil at the bottom, the oil will suck further up the side with more vac.

    Just dont disconnect one hose :? I know "someone" who did this, sucked a whole lot of cooking oil into one carbie.
    Did no harm at all to the engine (its almost diesel), but poured out white smoke which filled the garage, which is the bottom level of the house so the entire house was full of smelly smoke. :roll:
  10. A mate of my dear ol' daddy who used to have a bike shop in the forties and fifties used to remove the air cleaner(s) and put a short length of garden hose into the venturi at the base of the slide and adjust it by ear. He could tune a bike like a piano.
  11. The good ol "slack" or "U" tube manometer :grin:

    We used to use them to fault find the 6V53 GM 2 stroke diesels in M113(A1) armoured personel carriers, one with mercury and the other with water as an indicator. Ahh! High tech in all it's finery!!

    Just make two or four tubes all nailed to a board, then you can compare all cylinders at the same time.

    Even worse than sucking vegie oil into the carbie is reving the engine too hard and sucking mercury into it :cry: Apart from killing the engine your kids will breathe the fumes and all grow an extra toe and look like something out of south park.
  12. another method you can try is this:

    turn 1/2 balance screw all the way anti-clockwise until engine revs drop, then count number of turns clockwise until engine revs drop. put mixture screw in the middle of these two positions

    repeat for 3/4 and one from each side :)