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Carbie leaking fuel!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rodgonzbea, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Helo hello!!
    The bike:Yammy SRX 250 '85

    Hi.. I have a problem. I had my m'bike stolen from work.. recovered it , but butchered. Bought another bike (same model), and after some serious surgery i've finally managed to get one working...
    After 2 days of constant transplants, i finished, started and SWEET JESUS it started, although it took some coercing with "start ya bastard" (great stuff!!). Took it for a ride to feel wheels, brakes etc.. all the stuff i changed. But after i stopped to pump the tyres, a hugue fuel leak developed, from the breather pipe of the carbie, in the middle, underneath. Took it home, and while the bike its running, no leak. As soon as i stopped, it pisses the fuel out. The carbie is the one one I had in the old bike, working OK. In fact last week when i first swapped carbies, it started and there was no leak.
    Ive heard of needles, floats getting stuck, and of tapping the carb walls for it to come unstuck. tried it, no result.
    I cant believe after all the work i may have to take the stupid carb out... IM SICK OF BUSES!!
    What if i try carb cleaning stuff? Do you guys recommend a particular brand?
    Ah!! I also took an old inline fuel filter out, as it looked kind of gunky, so petrol was flowing straight to the carb from the tank.. could it be too much fuel going into the carb? should i put anothr filter in.. the new tank is in pretty good nick.. HELP!!!

  2. If you've got a fuel leak out of a carbie you actually have two problems. Your petrol tap is leaking and your float needle is not sealing.

    the latter could be for a number of reason. The float could be stuck, there could be dirty in the carbie, the float height could be set wrong.

    Alternatively the second problem could be the o-rings dried out in the carbie. So you may need to put a kit through the carbie. $30-80 online.

    You need to fix both problems as carbies never seal properly even when they are good. Also if you just fix the tap, the carbie won't run properly.
  3. I had fuel leak issues with my SRX250 back in the day, new needle and seat was all it took to fix it (cost me $30). Took the tap off and checked the diaphragm for any damage too (mine was fine).
  4. I turn the fuel tap off every time I stop the bike. A light knock on the side of the carby is to dislodge any gunk caught between the fuel needle and seat keeping it open and allowing fuel to get through. Removing the fuel filter let the crap get into the carby. Pull the bowl and if theres crap in there clean it out, It might be an idea to pull the tap and try and get any muck out of the tank as well, or use a cleanable fuel filter and keep cleaning it. Running without a fuel filter isnt a good idea..
  5. Thank you.. will start hunting for carbie kit.. for the moment i put fuel injector + carb cleaner on the tank (Nulon), and after the bike kept conking out while riding to work, i had to run it w'out the filter. Had a ride from the shops while on my brake at wrk, and so far has not conked out, but it does feel like it could run a bit smoother.
    Hopefully it does not play again while going home, as I finish at mdnght!! and have to take freeway for at least 20 mins of the ride...8-[
    Thanks for the advice. Might as well do the thing properly, i s'pose.
    Also, the stoopid fuel petcock only has RES, PRIME and ON.. no OFF.
    At least the leak stopped.. (for the moment)
  6. If the bike continues to conk out it would be worthwhile checking the breather thingy on the tank they get easily blocked on the srx, its fine on low speed short trip but dies when riding over over 80km/h (freeway runs etc.)

    BTW - you wouldn't happen to have a spare starter motor you'd be willing to part with in exchange for goods and/or services? :) (or just the brushes....)
  7. As for fuel filter, just get a small gravity fed one for a car. $3 from repco or a car parts store. Beats the useless little plastic 'fuel screen' thats for sure.

    Ive got one of them but with a 90deg bend on the 'out' side so the hose doesnt bend too much to go back to the carby.
  8. Prime is always on, on and reserve should be vacuum operated, so with the engine not running theyre 'off'. I wasnt sure if you had the vacuum tap or not. Injector/carb cleaner is for dissolving build ups of fuel residue or 'gum' on the inside of the fuel system, Your'e probably better off putting a couple of tanks of shell ultra? (the really high octane one) through it. It will clean it out just as well as the carb, cleaner and probably cost less.. The carb cleaners dont dissolve rust or dirt particles that hold the needle/seat open.
  9. THANK YOU!! Got one today, the angled one and it fits nicely, thanks.... so far, made it work again, hopefully (knock wood) be OK on the way back..
    I got a "one way flow-gravity feed" (what a name..) 9 bucks.. and some decent hose.. Yesterday when i got stuck they sold me some tractor sized frkn hose, shouldve seen the pool of petrol i left when i took the silly filter out!!
  10. Absolutely mr!! I am slowly cannibalizing me old bike for parts.. the starter was ok.. and the one on the current ride is OK, so you can have the other one. Im in Adelaide.. Ill just have to take it out and clean it..
    Where are you?

  11. Thanks.. will do..