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Carbie issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by davidp1984, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Sorry if a similar post has been put up before, had no idea what to search for.

    Anyway, here is the situation. I put my bike in to the mechanics because it broke down and wouldn't start (electrical prroblem). To cut a long story short, after 3 weeks went to pick up my bike being told the problem was the run switch among other things but before I got out of first gear it was dieing down when I hit around 6K revs until it finally switched off and wouldn't start anymore. Mech's thought it was just a coincindence that it was cutting out 6k revs and came to the conclusion that it was the starter solunoid (or something along those lines).

    After 3 1/2 days in the shop I went to pick it up but it was still dieing down when it reached around 6k revs, the shop put in the additive into the fuel and said that it sounds like there is rubbish in the carbie/fuel and it just needs to be flushed free. Should be right as rain in a few days.

    So the question I have is does this sound right? has anyone had this happen to them before and how long did it take to clear up?

    Bike aint much fun when you have to keep it below 5k revs...
  2. jsut add fuel additive? jeez you could of done that yourself. i woulda thought the mechanic woulda fixed teh problem not slap a bandaid fuel additive..... so after 3 weeks they couldnt fix it....

    if its bad fuel, drain the tank, put some fresh juice in there.

    they coulda also checked the fuel filters, clean out the jets and carbs (unless you wernt going to pay for it...but then again i bet they charged you for the 3 weeks it was there)

    it depends on how much fuel you burn through, pretty much whats in your tank is what is going to clean, once you burn through that, your outta additive

    IMHO if i take my bike to a mechanic and ask it to be fixed, i expect it to be fixed when i pick it up...not oh heres some carbie cleaner and run it for a few days....it should be fixed then...

    go to another mechanic

    On another note: so it starts up fine, but when you go over 6k it dies, and you can start her up again after that? and what bike?
  3. hehe, I had to ask for the additive...

    It was in for a service as well so I assume that they went over the fuel filter, etc. To be honest they gave a good price and they didn't overcharge but on that note I never complained when they said they had to put extra costs onto it due to needing new parts, so I would happily pay more to have the bike working.

    I agree about wanting the bike fixed, I noticed last night also that the speedo housing is loose and the light isn't working.

    Its a 98 Hornet 600, it starts fine and dies down like you said. When it dies down, if I back off the throttle it stays on but if I keep it going at high revs (even when it is not moving in neutral) it cuts out and is a bit hard to start. I think it might be because it gets a little over choked but I aint no mechanic.
  4. could be getting too much fuel.
  5. good point but doesn't that mean that it would affect the bike at idle/below 6K revs ?
  6. If you've added the carbie cleaner to your fuel you need to get out and ride it, really try to push the revs to force the cleaner's solvents to work on your carbie's jets. A similar situation happened to my 98 zx9 a few years ago, it would sputter and want to die if I push the revs, but I put in some carbie cleaner and rode it to work and it worked like magic.

    If your bike's been sitting for a few weeks it could be that the jets are a bit gummed up.
  7. open your airbox and check that a bit of rag hasn't been accidentally left in there during service.
  8. Never thought off that, thanks. I'll do it when I get home from work.

    Yeah PeterZx9, I wanted to go out last night but it started to rain and with the bike suddenly losing power it gets the wobbles so I thought better not risk it and wait for a drier time to do it.

    Thanks for all the advice...
  9. hmm sounds liek its flooding or not enough air. or maybe they fungled up the cdu hookup? or one of the spark plugs plug... (the plug that gives it power) didnt get pushed in tightly and isnt sparking.

    Run that tank out and see what happens with a fresh tank of peddy
  10. Ok, here goes...

    Picked up the bike on Friday arvo but really couldn't take it out due to no speedo light (didn't want to risk speeding fine plus with the issue wanted to see what revs I ws doing).

    Worked Saturday so didn't get to the bike until the night. revved it off its tits for a good 10-15min trying to flush out carbie. after that I opened up the air filter and it looked fine but when I went to put the cover back on the vents (dont know if this is normal but it has 2 pipes that lead back toward the engine) I noticed that some tubing was covering one of the vents. Started bike and it was fine, no issue whatsoever but still can't take it out due to speedo light. Shut it off and left it for the night because I was making enough noise in an echoey garage in a quiet residential street.

    Went to ride bike to work this morning but it wouldn't start. F*#K... atleast I had an excuse for being late. When I got home it wouldn't start and the battery was dieing down, hooked it up to the car to give it the juice needed but still wouldn't start, it also backed fired a few times during this attempt at starting it.

    To top it all of, the battery had 2 rubber straps to hold it in place, now it has only 1. Also paid to get a service done and noticed that the rear brake fluid container is only filled to minimum if not lower, not maximum, I may be mistaken but if you get a sevice done it should be filled to maximum. Another issue I just remembered is that I noticed while I was pushing the bike today that the rear wheel seemed to be squeaking, it may just be me being a little more attentive but I dont remember it being like that but after 4 f*^ck1ng weeks who can remember.

    So basically I am mighty peeved.

    Does anyone know of the correct procedure in wanting to take their bike to another mechanic who might know what they are doing but getting the first one to fork out the costs as I already paid over $500 for the bike to get fixed, which I know isn't that much but that is what was quoted for the work to be done not half done.

    Should I call the consumer ombudsman, maybe the accc or department of fair trading if they are still around.
  11. And for the record, the bike was running virtually fine before it went into the shop, bar the electrical issue which initially made it break down.
  12. did you uncover it?

    Your flooding it now...take out sparks and clean em out

    did they change the rear brake pad?

    See what the ACCC say.

    I would go to business forum & name and shame him w/ details of what you expected and what got/didnt get done
  13. Yeah I uncovered it, thats why I'm a little unsure if the initial issue was due to the carbie or air intake or if its fixed at all.

    I thought that it might be a timing issue because of the backfires.

    Nah the brake pads are next to new.

    Will do once I've called the accc and find out where I stand.