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Carbie Cleaning

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by conspiracytheorist, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. So I've heard people saying a small step before going all out on carbies is to spray carb cleaner down the throats. What are the throats and where would I find them? (zzr250)? Thanks in advance.

  2. Throat is where the air enters the carb, and I wouldn't spray anything in them unless there is something wrong with the way it runs.

    If you must, you will find them under the airbox.
  3. The throat of the carb is the part which draws in the air ie the bit attached to the airbox. Or to put it simpler, the big round holes in this pic ;)
  4. Sweet I know where they are on my zzr. And yes I have a reason - lots of dirt/water got into carbs after running bike empty. I'll give it a go on the weekend under less mechanically challenged supervision :D
  5. it should be easy, or you could always just waste lots of money and get it a service
  6. Finally registered :p

    If this goes tits up I'll have to take them apart or get it serviced.
  7. why wait till the weekend? it only takes a few minutes not even to spray some down there! i always do it on my car :LOL:
    i just pull over take the air filter off spray away... Make sure you keep it reving at a decent rev so it doesnt cut out so all the crap gets cleaned!
  8. So the engine should be running, glad you said so since I had no idea. I'll pick up some carb cleaner tomorrow. Thanks Charms
  9. you could try a carbie cleaner that goes in the petrol tank.
  10. Spraying carby cleaner down the throats won't do any harm, but may not do what you expect.

    It will clean the venturi and the air jets, so that's good, but thats all.

    dirt and water from the tank, if it's anywhere, will be in the float bowl. an on bike remedy for that would be an in-tank carbie/Fuel injection cleaner and maybe a cup full of metho in the tank.
  11. Spraying carby cleaner down the throats will do SFA if the jets are cloged.
    for a start try droping the fuel out of the bowls and cleaning all the crap out, you can spray some carby cleaner directly in to the bowls via the hole left by removing the drain plug.
    Add about 500ml of metho to a full tank of fuel.

    see if that helps.
  12. wouldnt the carbie cleaner you put in the tank be the best thing to do? it would clean the carbs, jets and get rid of other stuff you dont want in the float bowl. be alot easier than taking the tank off and spraying that stuff down the throat.
  13. Yeah, but adding a cleaner to the fuel doesn't clean nearly as well as blasting/scrubbing the crap out directly. It's the difference between giving something a gentle rinse and a proper clean. I'd use a tank additive (esp if we're trying to avoid a full carbie strip) as well.

    You'll have to clean out those float bowls to really address the damage from the fuel tank crap: if you can get at the drain screws, remove them and use a plastic tube to spray in the carbie cleaner, then let it flow back out the way it went in. Buy a cheap inline filter/strainer from a bike shop and add it to the fuel line.

    Give it 500km, then do it all again. Or you could strip the carbies....

    PS: Be careful with carbie cleaner: if you get it in your eyes you'll know about it, and if it gets on the wind screen you'll ruin it.
  14. I should have said, I've put carbie/injector cleaner tank additive in, then drained the float bowls. Then added some metho and some more carbie cleaner to tank. Slight improvement, maybe 15% less stuffed.

    Throats are accessible without taking tank off on zzr.

    Oh and when I did float bowls the right one had gunk and bit of water in it, the left one was spotless :shock:

    I realise the only sure fire way to fix the problem is to take out carbies and give them the clean they deserve. But thats time consuming for someone who hasn't done it before so want to eliminate easier options first before I mess with the bike.
  15. how many kms has your bike done? also use 98 octane as it is cleaner for the bike but apparently some bikes dont like it.
  16. My bike runs best on 91.