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Carberry Enfield

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Some of you probably already know about this project, but Jim Scaysbrook's excellent "Old Bikes Australasia" magazine has a cover story, article AND road test of the amazing Carberry Enfield http://www.carberryenfield.com.au/

    This is a fabulous project, and if I had the required $22,000 I'd buy one just so I could LOOK at it sitting in my shed :LOL:.
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  3. pretty bike... but how do they only make 45 hp from a 1070cc engine?
  4. Loose tolerences, heavy flywheels, two valves per cylider, SOHC - that's why it has only 45hp.

    Amazing bit of engineering. I hope he stays focussed enough with this product to keep making them.
  5. Sounds like heaven!

    The SR500 produces 32hp at an rpm which I never enter (too high), and it's plenty good enough for the real world.

    Rc, I believe this is a new bike (actually, I know what you're saying, but really its the factory quality control rather than the design that's an issue with these bikes).
  6. Interesting idea. Hope the quality control issues I keep hearing about regarding Enfield parts don't kill it. Frankly, $22k is a bargain considering the amount of work necessary to build something like this. Assuming that that is what they actually cost of course.

    45hp seems to be arrived at as twice the output of a stock 500 Enfield. Tuning parts are available and could probably push this to over 60 bhp without too much effort. Given the torque that will be available and the nature of the chassis, that should be more than enough.

    I'd be happier if they'd actually admit that it's designed to look like a Vincent at 1/4 the cost though. Ignoring the flamin' obvious does nobody any credit. Though I suppose there might be legal implications, given that the Vincent name and image are still around and, I suspect, jealously guarded by their current custodians.

    With fewer question marks over Enfield quality, I'd consider one.
  7. Of course, you're right. The difference is that you CAN buy a Carberry where you'd have to BUILD a V12 CBX!!!

    Doesn't it make a delicious noise, though???
  8. Was anybody else expecting to see a chocolate motorcycle?

    Or was that just me?
  9. They were running it around, at the Southern Classic, last weekend. Good luck to him, but I don't want one.
  10. That'd be my problem too, PatB. You're spending 22k on a motorcycle design that has some pretty bad quality control issues. That being said, while stripping the thing apart to add an extra cylinder they would probably check to make sure the alternator was wound the right way etc.
  11. well, I was expecting to see something.... but all I get is page load error!
    I just hope the bike is better than their website :)
  12. The site was loading when I posted the link. I suspect that the publicity given by Jim's article might have led to lots of hits, and possible overloading of the site?

    Or maybe, as Pat suggested, the site is as unreliable as the bikes. On that, you'd have to think that the Carberry people would know of possible flaws with the bikes and be rectifying them as part of the project???
  13. Unfortunately there was some web server problem right at the wrong time but we are back up and running at carberryenfield.com.au
    Mike Floyd
    Carberry Motorcycles Pty Ltd
  14. Welcome to Netrider, Mike :).

    I don't have a lazy 22k lying around, but if I did, I'd buy one just to have it and look at it!
  15. The same way harley manage to get 65hp from a 1200cc engine (which weighs a hell of a lot more).