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Carb Removal ~ Zeal

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Garn Cook, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. How do I remove the carbs on my Yamaha FZX Zeal.
    Do I have to drop the engine?
    I can look down, with a lot of gear off the bike, and see some hex headed bolts.
    My thought is, that the engine is designed to drop down, once the external hex headed bolts are removed from the side of the engine/chassis.

    Any help will be appreciated!

  2. You should be able to take the carbs off without moving the engine on any motorcycle. I haven't touched a Zeal, but generally you would need to first remove the petrol tank, then disconnect the airbox from the carbs, then remove the airbox from the bike. Disconnect throttle and choke cables from the carbs, then loosen the ring clamps on the carb boots and pull the carbs away from the engine.

    Just make sure you remember how to put anything you take off the bike back into position.
  3. With most Japanese bikes you usually just need to remove the airbox and intake to the carbs, then use the space that creates to maneuver the carbs out through the frame.

    I'd be very surprised if you had to drop the entire engine just to work on the carbs - at least on a Japanese bike.

    Edit: D'oh, Jack beat me to it. Though I will just add that on my old 250 Katana it was actually necessary to cut the airbox in half to remove it - since it was glued together inside the frame rather than simply clipped. So if it doesn't seem like the airbox will fit through a gap, you might have to do the same thing.
  4. Removing the airbox is easy on the Zeal, tank first, then airbox. I haven't removed the carbs but they will be easily accessible once the airbox is off.
  5. Thanks, thus far.
    Air box out of the road... I can see individual clamps on the input rubber manifolds. Gee! How do I get to undo those?
    From what I can see they have tiny philip head screws holding them clamped.
  6. Just undo the phillips head screws on the clamps. Once all are loose, just pull the carbie off. They are are a tight fit and if they have never been removed off the rubbers before, it will take a bit of effort. Make sure all hoses and cables are removed from the carbie to make it easier.
  7. Yep undo the screws on the clamps as much as possible, if they've been on there a while they've likely recessed themselves into the rubber quite a bit. Then give them a good soak with WD40 and slide them away from the carbs. The carbs should (in theory) then just pop off, but if not try pouring a bit of hot water over them to soften the rubber (I'd be wary about using a hairdryer that close to petrol vapours).

    Be sure to check the inlet manifold rubbers for signs of cracking if you do get them off. It's a very common problem with grey imports that old and if they get to the point that they let air leak through the engine will run like crap. If it looks like they're getting close, and you're planning on keeping the bike a while, replace them. Otherwise they can be patched using a bit of gasket goo (held up just fine on my old bike for years).
  8. Carbs are off, thanks everyone. Rubbers look OK. I really don't know how I could get both throttle cables on/off without removing the carbs. The little bike is agreat learning curve for me.
  9. You're right, if you can't get enough slack to disconnect the cables then it's usually easiest to just pull the carbs off first.