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carb rejet

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by abvc, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. i am heavily considering of putting yoshi's pipe... where is a good place for rejetting? gpx250 :LOL:

  2. Not to dampen your enthusiasm, but is there a point in putting a yoshi on. If the pipe was really cheap, maybe.

    Dyno would be the way to go. Or a plug chop if u feel like "do it urself".
  3. isn't rejetting includes dyno test? i dont know really, i'm looking for a place that can tweak the output.

    anyway the fact that not many put yoshi on a gpx is already make it sounds awesome :LOL:
  4. No point on a GPX250. You would have to custom-make pipes to get a Yoshi to fit it, and it wouldn't change the horsepower much at all. By the time you get it done, and after that much money, you could just trade up to a 600/650 instead.
  5. Well there you go, you learn something new every day.
  6. abcv, that rocks mate!

    Rejetting will be an exercise of love. You'll get a small increase of power and a nice note.

    You can slip the pipe on yourself, but to do it properly, you'd need to take it to a place like DynoTune in Mordialloc who'll prolly have a giggle at you, but happily tweak the bike till the power curve is maxxed out.

    To get a kit fitted, installed and tuned, I think you'll prolly need to allow $500.

    Good luck
  7. thanks man

    that sounds promosing... $500.. i'll highly consider the place as well. still llooking for the best option. anyhow, is this the place your referring to?

    Mordialloc Service Centre

    222 Lower Dandenong Rd
    VIC, 3195
  8. My mistake.

    That would be

    Winston Court
    Moorabin Victoria, Australia.
    Ph 03 9553 0018
    Fax 03 9553 0072

    Dave is a top bloke and is worth the money. He even dyno's a bike before and after a normal tune...

    I think they're listed in the business contacts on NR but I CBB looking.

    Good luck!
  9. i decided to sell in the near future, so no new pipe :cry:

  10. If you look at the "caution" sign pictures on that page (the yellow signs) I thought it was a fat chick holding a bowling ball dragging some poor skinny guy along - obviously to perform some kind of perverted sex act.

    Took me awhile to figure out what the pic really is... :LOL:

    I need help!