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Carb maintenance kits + Choke/starter cable for GSF250/400

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by inner_cent, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know where in Melbourne that I can get Mikuni carb maintenance kits, such as gaskets, and o-ring replacement parts.
    Typically the older model, such as Mikuni BST32SS. It is for my GSF250/400 bike.

    Tried get it from Peter Stevensons, but they want me to get my VIN number to them, so they can send the details to Suzuki to confirm the parts number before order.

    I had the parts number for USA model, but they believe it is different, so they refuse to put down the order for me until I confirm it.

    Thanks in advance !!
  2. So why don't you give them your VIN? It has been said on here before that some US market bikes have been jetted differently in the past (and currently?) to meet more stringent emission laws, so they aren't necessarily being unreasonable.

    Anyway, you might find what you are after on eBay (but again, be careful of US sellers).
  3. Its not that I won't give them VIN number, but they didn't call me to tell me this info and ask me for my VIN until I chase them up about why my parts has not arrived, and no one try to call me.
    And now, they ask me to give them VIN number to check, but also need to wait for at least 2 weeks+ before I can get them.
    I might as well just see if I can buy it off from shelf if I know where there is a shop in Melbourne I can buy from.
  4. Otobai Imports are the importers, google will turn them up. They are associated with Sumoto in North Melbourne.

    A workmate of mine has a GSF250, we scoured everywhere for a carb overhaul kit, ended up having to but a set of s/h carbs instead.

    If you find an overhaul kit, post the details up please. Good luck!
  5. Ah, I completely understand now. Good luck with the search.