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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by twistngo, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Coming back from Yea through Flowerdale behind a caravan. Caravan indicates he's turning right at the pub. There's a turning lane so I set myself to pass on the left. He's stopped then decides he doesn't really want to turn right and he needs to look at a map so he puts his hazard lights on and heads for a parking area on the left.
    I'd slowed and was covering the brakes and blew the horn and managed to miss. Got to remember tourists in caravans get lost and do dumb things and don't use their mirrors well.


  2. I'm a caravaner.

    My wife and I spent almost 2 years traveling Australia towing a 25'
    caravan, and we still have a caravan for weekends away.

    We met some bloody dangerous old farts towing caravans. The papers call them Grey Nomads, most caravaners call them Grey Gomads..

    10 months of the year they drive their little Hyundai Getz or Nissan Micra to the shops for their groceries and Bingo and then they hook up the Hyundai SanteFe and and the bloody big Jayco van and terrorise the roadways...

    Avoid them like the plague

    p.s. You will recognise our van, its got a sticker of a motorbike on the RH rear, and it says, "you let me know you there and I will let you past"
  3. yep they're a whole heap of fun.....
    it's coming to summer now so they're be out in force. the only caravan to be trusted is the one engulfed in flames
  4. That's very brave of you to say and is the first step to recovery.

    We're all friends here......
  5. Love ya work =D>
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  6. Caravans are a constant problem here in the West. They are either heading north for the warmer weather in winter, or heading back south for the cooler weather in summer. Or just heading around Australia, stopping to look at every tree/sheep/sand dune etc along the way. They get flat tyres, and leave their caravan sitting half way across the Brand Hwy for road trains to negotiate with traffic coming the other way. They pull U turns across double lines, and get stuck across the highway. They slow to 20 before indicating what they are doing. They drive at 70 km/h in a 110 km/h zone. They drive for kilometres with an indicator on for no reason.

    They are referred to as SAAD's here, See Australia And Die.

    I feel a bit better now.
  7. There's a road I ride along (Esk to Hampton) which is notorious for grey nomads, and not much clear vision to pass because its full of bends. I've got nothing against them and wish them well, but I would love to see them take notice of other road users, and maybe pull over once in a while to let the twenty or so cars generally following behind pass.
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    My mum & stepdad used to do the Great Grey Migration up the east coast with the other oldies yearly, lumbering like a herd of tired Wildebeast... the faint scent of Warfarin and napthalene in their trail.

    Apologies in hindsight for my stepfather - the worst driver ever known; who I believe, never performed an over-shoulder check in his entire life.
  9. Did I mention that they pull into a servo and park in front of all of the pumps, or park in the exit? And that some of them swerve when you go to overtake them. And they never pull over to let people overtake.

    I also get annoyed by the cars that pull up on the caravans arse, and then sit there not overtaking. It makes me overtake 6 or 8 vehicles at a time, waiting for one to pull out without looking. How long does it take to decide to overtake? 30 seconds?