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Caravans rant

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nearlyempty, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Just what is the point?

    After spending the best part of half an hour on the weekend passing a hideously long line of cars, only to find at the front of the line, about six caravans all in a row (Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? ...), and a long stretch of empty road ahead of them.

    Why, oh why, oh why?

    Do they know what hold ups they are causing (half of them couldn't see anything behind them anyway, judging by their mirrors)? Do caravans also come with a bubble, within which you are completely separated from anything that goes on around you? Who ARE these people (any here)?

    Caravans (and this is purely my own, completely biased opinion) are good for only one thing - LANDFILL!
  2. Can be very frustrating I agree, A friend in NSW calls them "the scourge of the highway" In your case they could have spaced themselves out to leave room to overtake.

    From the other side of the coin, it can take a lot of fuel and power to start a van rolling again if they did pull over to let cars/bikes thru. No excuse for not doing it once an hour or so tho.

    I haven't met that many a-hole caravaners down here, mainly cos everything is relatively close, with a fair number of touristy type places they stop to look at.

    I get more trouble with Mr "Old McDonald and his Farm Truck" driving his beaten up old dodge, overloaded to buggery, billowing smoke, dropping hay and cow/pig shite all over the road, and not pulling over even when he can.

    worst thing about helmets.. there not "Smell proof" :shock:

  3. Now there's a million dollar idea!

    Charcoal filter for your helmet! Eliminates 98% of all 'road smells'. Post your Credit card numbers now to pre-order the fantastic new:

    "Sink-B-Gone" Helmet Filter. (tm)

    Now to retire and count my money....

    Coming soon the revolutionary:

    "Cara-B-Gone" Caravan Eradicator (tm)

    Get yours now before they're all gone.
  4. NATO chemsuit helmet (integrated kevlar) would do the trick. Not sure if they have been decommissioned yet. Wear in conjunction with a camelback though cos heat stress is a standard option on these things.
  5. hey JJ, i think you're right on the money there.

    anyone that has ever towed or driven a heavily loaded vehicle
    would appreciate that stopping and letting cars/bikes through is not a problem.
    however, safely pulling out into traffic is quite a concern.

    the aforementioned caravan drivers would have evaluated their situation
    and decided it is better/safer keep their pace
    and allow other road users overtake in a sanctioned area.

    just wish the held up drivers would leave ample space
    so it would be easier/safer to overtake those that are timid.
  6. I've owned 4 caravans over the years (for taking the family on holidays) and whilst I'd _much_ rather be riding one of my bikes sometimes I don't have a choice.

    I use a largish 4x4 to to a van, and I can comfortably sit on 100 or 110 - smallish light van, low profile large fairly powerful car.

    I too get stuck behind the (mostly) retirees pottering along at 80kph with thier vans...

    Not all caravan owners are unsympathetic to other road users... and I make a point of pulling off to let other traffic through when it builds up behind me at least every 15 minutes as long as there is room to get the van stopped and completely off the road.

    Besides... I'm not sure why bike riders are complaining about this?!?!

    If I'm on the bike the last thing I worry about is overtaking... [wind throttle... whoosh... back in], and that applies to the less powerful Guzzi V11 as well as the Kwaka 1200. Although I plan overtaking B-Doubles more with the Guzzi!

    A car and van isn't a B-Double though people... keep this in perspective :)

    Even if the cars get stuck... we don't have to.
  7. True, and it is always a great feeling to be able to do this (whilst the cars have to wait in queue).

    Except it was 30-odd degrees and there was a lot of double white lines, and cars do have air con. Yeah, I know, I chose to ride the bike and go on that road, so I accept these little problems, blah blah.
    I just had to rant and get it off my chest, that's all.

    Rant over, have a nice day everybody :)

    (except caravan owners...)!
  8. Having towed vans on many occasions (usually to Bathurst for some car race) I never had trouble running at or above the limit, mind you a V6 or V8 towing a pop up van is a good combo (especially my old VK V8 "Last of the true V8 Interceptors" :D ).

    In fact on an overnighter to Sydney about 12 years ago I did the first stint and a mate took over and I awoke near Goulburn looked over at the speedo to see 140km/h :shock: , decided I was dreaming and went back to sleep but my mate assures me I wasn't as it was pre freeway, a foggy night and he was passing the trucks going up hill and to stop annoying them on the way down he went the same speed they were, 140.

    I never have told my father what we did to his caravan at times :-$
  9. and we shall call them. "SUPER-CAGERS"