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VIC Caravan Camping at Phillip Island MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mjt57, May 10, 2016.

  1. Missus and I are buying a caravan. So, what better place than PI for the MotoGP to take it.

    I've just browsed the GP website and the PI GP Circuit website and aside from a brief mention of the campground and Highside campground there are no details on what facilities are available, nor even the availability of tickets.

    I'd like to hear from anyone who's stayed in a 'van at the Highside. What facilities (power, water, sullage, etc.) does it have and the cost?

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  2. there's one for you Netrider young'ns, Martin's been a member since 2003!!!!!!
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  3. Calling jonnymacjonnymac - your expertise is needed...I know you stayed there last year...

    I can only say you can't be in a better spot. Right next to the track.
  4. Nah chillibuttonchillibutton we stay at the caravan park as it's less disruptive than the campsite at the track we have been bringing our kids for years.

    As far as facilities available in the campground at the track. I would be surprised if you got anymore than a toilet block. I would also have reservations if it was a really nice caravan you wanted to bring in there. The last person I spoke with who stayed there came home with holes in their tent from fireworks.

    I'm simply speaking from heresay here as it wasn't me camping there but it's a pretty big party style atmosphere for most of the night.

    Plenty of burnouts etc. An awesome night but not the exposure I'd want to give my kids.
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  5. Caravan's are only allowed in Highside, not Trackside.
    Showers (hot and cold) and toilets are provided in all campgrounds.
    Caravan's need to be self-sufficient, sewage and water. There is a limited number of powered sites that go quickly.
    Generators are limited to 5KvA and only allowed between 7am and 10pm.
    Gas bottles OK, provided they meet standard safety requirements and stamped with 10 year check.
    3 day entry/racing tickets are mandatory for campgrounds
    Take-away food, groceries, alcohol and a general store is in each campground, plus the cafe at the visitors centre. No outside alcohol (I've been told they check inside 'vans)
    Campground pricing is $95 per adult.
    +$100 if you're lucky/early enough to get a powered site, which I understand are only available with family (2 adults, 2 kids) camping tickets.

    Further information and online booking @ MotoGP | Campground

    Trackside is the party site. No entertainment in Highside, and new for 2016, it will even have a family friendly section that will be 'policed' fairly rigourously.
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  6. Thanks Jason. Looks like it's one of the Cowes CPs, then.
  7. I prefer the one on the beach.

    I don't mind Anchorage too.
  8. Do you mean Cowes Caravan Park (the one on the beach)? If so, then it's booked out. Which one is Anchorage?
  9. Yes that's the one, bugger that's a shame.
    Anchorage is in Ventnor. Just a small quiet park not really near anything but only a few minutes from the track.
  10. So....the answer is sign up as a trackie for the motoGP..

    - free camping at a reserved, patrolled and quieter section of the highside campground.
    - free passes for a guest(s)
    - the best seat in the house on raceday

    Race Officials | Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix
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