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Car vs Street Bike vs Race BIKE

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Komunista, Sep 13, 2007.

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  2. yeah an oldie but a ripper. Laways like the comparo's

    Cheers :cool:
  3. pretty cool!
    that bloke on the 750 Sabre looked kind of funny hanging so far off a bike that's so big!
  4. Great find, I agree, it's always fun to see the comparisons.
  5. Nice vid!

    Wouldn't be that much difference in it today though...
  6. So you think that a car vs road bike vs Moto GP bike wouldnt be that much difference ? mmm interesting.. i guess it depends on who's doing the driving/riding... mmm actually i still think the moto gp bike would win
  7. Awesome blast from the past! Go the stroker!
  8. I agree, but not with a 30 sec lag!

    I can get within 20 secs of a GP bike time around the island on a reasonably standard R1 and I have never raced. A better rider could probably get it closer to 10 secs.

    It's a great vid but they set it up to make the GP bike look faster.
    If you did it today it would be something like Moto GP bike Vs stock FZ1 Vs stock 200sx...
    If you really wanted to use the best race bike Vs the best street bike Vs the best street car, I think it would be more like:
    Moto GP bike Vs stock 1000cc japer (R1, Gixer, etc) Vs Enzo Ferrari.

    The GP bike would still win but not with a 30 sec lag.
    Just my two cents :wink:
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    Totally agree with you mate, the right car and the right track will do wonders to the results as well :wink:


  10. Ah.... touche :wink:
  11. Sorry, internet flipped out.... Please delete this post!
  12. Sorry, internet flipped out.... Please delete this post!
  13. I think u guys are forgetting the caliber of street cars now. Its likely that the top street car, would very well beat a motogp bike. That said, is it fair to compare? an f1 car would beat it.

    You only really have to look at the nurburgring, for the results.

    I love bikes, and i think they are way more fun than cars, but the 4 wheels are greater for cornering...granted, even at full sideways drift, nowhere near as fun...
  14. Tell me about it!

    If I was ever looking at a serious Reefton Challenge and could pick between the car and the bike I'd take the car all day every week and twice on sundays...

    Don't know about on the track though!
  15. Here's one from the old days, a Fiat car, vs Ferrari vs Schumacher's F1 car...

    I can't post URL's yet, but if you enter 'Fiat vs Ferrari vs F1' in the search at Youtube, you'll find it.

  16. Come again :? :roll:

    i was agreeing with you and pointing out a top car and top bike have fcuk all difference between them (depending on the track) :facepalm:

  17. MB did a better one than Ferrari, they had C32AMG Sportscoupe (yes, one of those little coupe things with a blown 3.2 V6), SL55AMG, CLK DTM and F1 car.
  18. I lived in the States for a while and I had that e-x-a-c-t same car (even color)!! That said I'm more impressed with the driver!! The piece of sheet won't steer for Jesus himself... I had SOOOOO many moments (and I'm not talking about good ones) in that car I sold it in 5 months. Well, I gave it a shot. A good shot. :LOL: :LOL: