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car vs bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Has a car ever out raced your bike?

    what was your bike vs what car?

  2. It happens all the time. The most memorable was the first day I had my bike. I came up to the lights at Greensborough Hwy and Grimshaw Steet to have a car full of idiots start giving me crap from their hotted up (?) Hyandai Excel.

    When the light went green I waited for them to take off, one of the guys in the back turned around and started waving goodbye to me through the window. I let the mighty VTR250 :p rip and flew passed them. The funniest part of this was they looked shocked...
  3. Lol..

    Talking about straight line or actual twisty road? Straight line my zzr250 has the edge on any average sportscar, but only just and it depends on how good the start is. Alot of my friends have sportscars and I cruise around with them in twisties sometimes, and keeping up is all about using the accel, as I just can't carry their corner speed. But I'm a horridly slow rider so they're probably not that fast if I can keep up..
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  5. in a drag???

    busas and r1's (with a good rider) will run 10's. takes alot of money to get a supra/skyline running that
  6. Were we supposed to guess that from your first post?
  7. If you are talking about a retarded rider with no idea how to use a clutch, then of course any decent car can win.

    If you're talking about 1000hp skylines costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, then of course it can win.

    End the end, who cares? 99% of sportscar drivers I've met just have absolutely no idea.
  8. any average sportcar?


    In a straight line, the FZR250 lost to the odd turbo/V8, and I never raced a car through twisty roads, but I'm confident I'd be faster driving through corners in my car than on any bike.

    The 636 is undefeated so far :)
  9. you know what pi$$e$ me off is when the car C~^ts laugh

    I had a d!<k in a van overtake me and the two were laughing, i was sitting on the limit 80kph just cruising and they go passed me foot to the floor at 90kph laughing

    if I was doing 80kph in a veyron they probably would tell there mates later the van flogged it too
  10. Sorry I should have explained.

    I live on the northern beaches. Our average 'sportscars' are non turbo skylines, 300zxs, supras, mx5, etc. :LOL:

    On a 'timed lap' of local twisties, I'm about as fast in my POS falling apart 70hp 2 tonne car with no suspension.. well I was at one stage. Goes to show what a decent disregard for your can can achieve :wink:
  11. I figured, but I made that pic a week ago and have been DESPERATE to use it :p
  12. My 250 was certainly beaten in a straight line by many a V8 - but then my MR2 has beaten many a 250 from the lights so it kinda evens out :)
    (admittedly most were cruisers or noobs with no idea of clutch control).

    On a tight windy road though my car will certainly keep up with most posers on large capacity sportsbikes, at least until the first straight bit. 250s don't stand a chance, they simply don't have the acceleration at speed to make up for the slower corner speed.
  13. I never race a mob of dickheads off from the lights.

    Why would I want a scud missile with attitude and nothing relevant to prove BEHIND me. :-k
  14. For shits and giggles :grin:

    I like wiping the stupid smirks off ricers facers.

    I equally like smugly refusing to meet them on their level by not dragging them, because they are so slow I won't even grant them that :cool:
  15. Aprilia rs250

    72.5 hp @ 11900 rpm
    40 Nm @ 10750 rpm
    Standing ¼ Mile 12 sec

    equivalent to 280bhp/litre: the highest specific power output of any current production roadgoing motorcycle.

    heavier machines can't provide the ultimate cornering experience of the RS250, nor the exhilaration of the 250's screaming two*troke acceleration.
  16. :roll: Obviously I was referring to 4-stroke 250s - I've not ridden an RS so can't compare it.
    Although I do know that above a certain speed even the RS would be slower to accelerate. This is where the higher outright power, and lower drag of a car becomes an advantage.
  17. Try blowing the doors off V8/turbo anythings in a full house tourer...bogans really are sore losers. Or you could just remove the sore bit.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Anyone remember the Top Gear episode when they ran the van around the Nurbergring - and were getting held up by sportsbikes.

    Often rider/driver skill is the biggest factor in the real world.