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Car vs Bike stopping distance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spiky, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. On riding close to the car in front................

    I've always assumed that a modern ABS equipped car can stop faster than my 'bike. Add to that the reaction times, and the fact that many drivers (including me on occasion) brake for no apparent reason, I think that tail-gating a car is an accident waiting to happen.

    There also seems to be lots of bikes in the wreckers with front end damage, but that just might be a coincidence.

    Does anyone know - will a car stop quicker than a bike in the same situation?
  2. Yes .. use the search - it's been discussed a few times before.
  3. I've yet to see anything but heresay on the matter.
  4. Not always. I've read an article in BIKE magazine where a K4GSXR will stop in a shorter DISTANCE then a car but not in a shorter TIME.

    There was a supercar driver and a supersport rider. The rider was on a new K4 GSXR1000 with good tyres and the driver was in a VW Golf GTI which has 4 pot calipers, ABS Brakes and 17" wheels. They accelerated up to 80km/h and then did emergency stops. The rider managed to stop in about a 3 metre shorter Distancel, however it took him 0.5 secs longer then the car. So Yes a car may stop QUICKER (i.e. time) but a bike may stop SHORTER (i.e. Distance).
  5. Braking distance of a Suzuki GSXR1000K5 (with a skilled rider) from 60mph = 122+ feet.
    Braking distance of a Volvo S70 wagon (with any idiot behind the wheel pushing the pedal to the floor and relying on ABS) from 60mph = 120 feet.
    An Evo Lancer only needs 110 feet.
    And don't forget you also need to add the reaction time it takes for you to notice that the car ahead is braking and to then setup and apply the brakes.
  6. Thanks for your feedback, Nightrider.

    Bearing in mind that pretty much everything has been discussed on here at one time or another, I am always a little bemused when someone (particularly a mod) refers you to previous posts. On this basis we could refer virtually every question to a previous post, which would make this an information source rather than a discussion forum. We could then think up a snappy name, like 'Google' or something.

    Anyway, who am I to argue - I only ride a two-fifty.
  7. Hahahaha.

    Good call.
  8. :roll: The beligerance of some people :roll:
    It's so you can find the topic, read it, and post to that instead. If you just wanted someone to answer your question, I did. If you want more information and discussion, then you can find it in other topics and continue the conversation there. Why start (or hijack) a new/existing topic when you can discuss it in an already existing topic?
  9. When i did my learner course at stay upright, the instructor told me that in all conditions (wet/dry etc) a bike will out-brake a car every time.

    Not saying he is correct, but thats what he said.
  10. I would agree with that adge.
  11. :LOL: They told me the same thing and I argued with them. Yes it's true that a top of the line sportsbike can outbrake a stock standard Commodore/Falcon (if the rider is skilled enough to be able to use the brakes fully). But most sportscars and even European sedans have exceptionally good brakes, ABS and wide, low profile tyres which means they can easily outbrake a bike. Unless you know the distance in which every make/model of car on the road can stop in (and how it compares to your bike) it's always safer to assume they can stop quicker than you.
  12. How the hell can a bike with 2 teenie weenie contact patches on the road have any hope of outbreaking a car ??? :?
  13. Against the huge contact patches available to a BMW, or such like car, they DO have a lot more weight to pull up.

    I'd love to see Top Gear or some other show like that do some fair dinkum testing on this....
  14. a car can brake on the limit with abs even if there's a bit of gravel on the road, if it's turning or whatever. A bike can brake harder thanks to it's often stickier tyres, but keeping a bike slowing at the same rate as a car through the irregularities on a real world road might be somewhat of a challenge. Put tyres as soft as a bikes on a car and there'd be no chance left for the two wheeler.
  15. Tailgating is bl00dy stupid...no matter how quick you think you can stop! I HATE tailgaters and have many times imagined them dying from turd ingestion!!

    You need to add reaction time and ability to all these factors...if you tailgate and you're on a bike, you're even more stupid than above! There is no need, there are only disadvantaged by doing it.

    Discuss if you think.
  16. Most road tests now (in Europe) will include braking distance from 60mph for cars. For a list of motorcycle stopping distances check out here. Most of the bikes are older models but when you consider a Volvo S70 can consistently and easily stop in 36.6 metres, and most bikes can't, (600 Hornet apparantly needs 38.3 :wink:) you'll realise why tailgating is not a good idea.
  17. i really dont think that a bike will outbrake a car
    giving the evo has excellent breaking powers and most porsche has a good set of 4 pot calipers at the frount and at the back..
    in dry weathers i would say they would be very close
    but in the wet a car will beat a bike... :grin:
  18. Does anyone know what the contact patch for the front wheel becomes once put under load?
    Would be interesting to see the difference in tyre compound, contact patch, total braking force (dimater of discs/quality of calipers/how many discs etc) and weight vs that of a car.

    Any brains out there able to work it out?
  19. I know my bike will outbrake my car by a long shot.

    (But then my bike is very light with excellent brakes, and my car is a big fat heavy VN commodore with crappy stock brakes and no ABS)
  20. well i find this all amusing

    on my CBR-RR , only a 250 mind you, i have no trouble stopping from 60kph in a stupidly short distance, much much shorter than my old car, a turboed silvia with big racing style brakes.

    i cant say over 60kph if its the same, but it certainly pulls up bloody quick.

    it dosent matter if it takes the rider longer to stop than a car, as long as its done in a shorter distance