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Car vs Bike sales vs representation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by [FLUX], Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Reading through the Age online today, and came across the interesting tidbit that Australians bought around 960,000 new cars in 2006. Compare and contrast that to around 105,000 new motorcycles (including scooters) purchased in 2006.

    i.e. motorcycles now make up around 10% of all forms of transport purchased by the Australian public.

    Interestingly enough, motorcycles also account for around 10% of all fatal accidents in 2006.

    Who is screwing with whose statistics in the justification for increased motorcycle levies, and the near total lack of governmental planning policies, at both state and federal levels, to accommodate 2-wheeled transport?
  2. I'd be careful of statistics, they can lead you astray... :wink:

    Dirt bike sales account for a large proportion of that 100K figure, and quite a lot aren't ridden on the road. Seeing as though statistics from fatal motor vehicle accidents are taken from accidents on public roads, the results would be skewed slightly...

    Then again, I'm not sure as to how The Age prepares their figures - possibly a more reliable variable would be to compare and contrast the new registrations of cars and motorcycles versus the fatality rate of those vehicles... Or am I thinking out loud too much?
  3. Yep and ATV sales are included in motorcycle sales figures too.
  4. I wonder how far that extends? Pocket bikes? :wink:
  5. Don't think they count pocket bikes - but it does include scooters. Looking at the figures for the first half of last year there were 52,379 sales - of which 8713 were ATVs, 20,228 were dirt bikes plus around 5,000 non-Japanese scooters (plus undoubtedly quite a few Japanese ones too). So proper road motorcycles really only make up at most a third of sales (and a lot of those are cruisers).
  6. What happens when dirt bikers get injured/die (on a farm etc) - do they still become a statistic by RTA etc? Dual Sport bikes are also very popular at the moment, so they are used on roads too.
  7. And don't forget how many 'dirt' bikes are ridden on the road, either regularly or to get to a favourite riding spot. But yes, the numbers aren't all road-going bikes.
  8. Hi Cathar

    Whilst statistics can be worked in many wonderous ways, I doubt motorcycle fatalities will ever fall anywhere near the rates of car deaths :cry:

    From Vic's TAC Safety site.

    Of the 346 people killed on Victoria's roads in 2005, 48 were riders of motorcycles. This represents 14% of the road toll and yet only 3% of vehicles registered in Victoria are motorcycles, with only 7% of Victorians holding a licence to ride a motorcycle.

    In 2005, 48 motorcyclists were killed. 837 were seriously injured on Victoria's roads in 2004.

    Of the 48 motorcyclists killed in 2005:

    98% were male,
    40% were involved in single vehicle crashes and 25% were involved in crashes with another vehicle at an intersection,
    42% occurred in rural Victoria,
    44% were involved in afternoon crashes between the hours of 12 midday and 6pm, and
    44% of deaths occurred on roads sign posted at 100km/h or more.